Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Another week, another Wednesday...another messy bead table! I had to smile when I saw Lorelei's post today...I mean, surely that's what a bead table is meant to look like, no?! It certainly is for me....I got some lovely goodies in the post today - an order from ArteBella and also some lovely brass handmade headpins. Have you noticed how hard it is to track them down? Or is that just me... Don't get me wrong, I love my usual copper (and possibly even prefer it to brass) but I also really like having the option of brass. And I'm not much of a mixed metals girl. Through necessity, yes, but not often through choice. Anyway, I digress! Back to the bead table. Which contains some hot new beads and some hot new headpins. 

I have also been trying out some of the new 'Magic' (Olympus' word, not mine) filters on my new camera. There are seven and my favourite without doubt is the 'drawing' setting. LOVE it. Completely random and I'm not totally sure why you would particularly want it on your camera but I'm really glad it's there! It also saves a normal copy of the same picture so you can compare and contrast if you wish. 

Along with the lovely Czech babies, I have wacked out a bunch of other art beads - creating lots of new stuff for a special project at the moment...polymer flowers by Elise Canning, lampwork beads by Laura Sparling, MidgetGemBeads and Juls, ceramic charms by Kylie Parry...all delicious.

The other filter I've tried out here is soft focus. Quite sweet but I'm not sure that it doesn't just look like a fuzzy photo that I just didn't manage to focus properly! See what you think. 

What art beads can you spot in here? I spy a Humblebird or two...

I hope your bead tables are full of colour and inspiration today :-)


steufel said...

Ohh rebecca, those beads are delicious:-)

Mary Ann said...

That drawing feature is very cool:)


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