Monday, 5 March 2012

What should I do with these??

Any inspired design ideas for these? I am experiencing a little beaders' withdrawal symptoms!

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aneri_masi said...

I you want a real challenge...try making one long necklace out of them all! That would be hard for me to do.

If not, I would say bracelets and maybe rings? Earrings are a possibility, but that is so obvious, its almost boring.

Lastly, you can just give 'em alllll to me :D

Malin de Koning said...

Don't I know that feeling Rebecca. :-) Here's a few different ideas:

1. Sell them.
2. Arrange an organized swap on your blog. Take good photos of the items. People can write to you, say which one/-s they want and offer their own items to trade with. They include photos. You get to choose if and who you want to trade with. When you've decided you blog about it. :-)
3. Start a small Sisters-of_the-travelling_beads in Europe, or just UK. Find out a god maximum weight which will be reasonable. I think it should be smaller than the one Heather started in the US, but that's just me ...
4. Keep them, and one day they will be just perfect in a project.
5. Give them away.
6. Arrange a competition where all all of them or a group will be the prize.
7. Contact people you know, who you think might be interested in the beads, and ask if they have any suggestions for some kind of deal, purchase or trade.
8. Set out to make one piece a week which includes at least one of the items.
9. Like what Kashmira said, use many of them in the same piece.
10. Make Christmas tree decorations.

I like number 2 best. I would like to do the same. Perhaps we could set out a date when anyone interested can do it on their blogs. And we could all hop around checking out each others images, and give offers. The Big Bead Trade Day - "The B'TraD". On the other hand, perhaps it's way too complicated. Probably so :-(.

Courtney Breul said...

Malin - you rock! :) I like her suggestions. Not sure if you would send over seas for a swap of sorts, but I would be game. Have folks paired off and swap or send their "lost ones" to you, you create goodie bags, ship and folks have to create and blog hop.

Malin de Koning said...

Yay Courtney! Goodie bags is a great suggestion. We could agree on an estimated value for each bag, show photos on our blogs, with numbers and descriptions. And then everyone could comment on what we would like to trade. If there is a hit the swap is on. I think it should be very open to each and every one to say yes or no to a suggestion. No musts. I personally would not mind at all sending over seas. Someone will be doing the same for me ...

Crimson Frog Designs by Kinga Nichols said...

Hi Rebecca,
Wow, you got quite a stash to work with. I say use some of those awesome cabs for bead embroidery, and turn them into bracelets. That's what I would do, but then I hardly do much else. I wanted to let you know that I changed my blog address, and wanted to drop you a link just in case you could not find it:

Maneki said...

You mean apart from giving it to me? *lol* (That'd be funnier if I was the first one to come up with that witty remark, but I wasn't).

Personally I'd probably spend a lot of time just drooling over loot like that. That said, I see myself as a collector (or hoarder more like it) as well as a beader and think it's perfectly fine to do nothing with my treasures. (I'm not a big fan of polymer clay, but a big fan of Heather Power's art beads/pendants so I'm looking at the pic, thinking "you lucky girl".)

Otherwise, there's nothing wrong with keeping it simple. If a pendant/bead on a chain feels too simple, how about using multiple, thin chains (perhaps mixing styles and colours). Threading some embroidery floss or thin yarn in complimenting colours through the chain is another idea. Perhaps adding a few tindy bead dangles to the chain aferwards. (Chains are good that way, it's easy to add details afterwards, letting the design grow by itself).

The floral bead caps in the back could be nice in a cluster as a pendant. Add a headpin and make a loop at the cap or at the end, creating long stalks and perhaps add some paddle headpins as leaves (they could be bound together as a sort of bouquet).

The Crazy Creative Corner said...

Why not do a version of what writers do when they get blocked? They free-write. You free-string. Don't think, just pick up wire (or your fav stringing medium) and don't look/sort/decide, just grab a bead and go. You may not keep it as it turns out but it might break the block!


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