Sunday, 15 July 2012

Simple Truths Celebration Blog Hop

So, better late than never I hope! I was meant to post this on Friday but life here I am, two days late - I hope you can all (and especially Erin!) forgive me :-)

I have been a member of the Simple Truths sampler club since Erin established it last year. (is that right? 2011? Time flies....) and I, like many of those good folk taking part in this celebratory hop, am a total hoarder. Although I have no plans to leave - I love getting my little surprise packages though the post each month - I was shocked to discover that I have only used ONE of the simple truths I have been sent since joining up. Shocking! What a waste of Erin's beautiful and original work. I feel truly a little ashamed of myself. So I thought to myself, I've got a school trip to Italy the week before the blog hop, I'm bound to have time, as both musical staff and house staff, to sit down and make some jewellery using the gorgeous charms I have. Hmmm. Slightly over-optimistic of me! And ten, our return of Friday was delayed so I didn't get back until 4pm, and after a 30 hour coach journey, creativity was on a low ebb!! So I decided to leave it until I had time to create. Despite going straight back into 2 full work days - a morning of beading teaching and an afternoon of accompanying 10 students in vocal exams and then a craft fair today - last night I managed to come up with a couple of designs to share with you today:
Firstly, I reached for one of the most personally challenging pendant - a square joy pendant in goldy yellow. Firstly, yellow, secondly silver frame (neither colour i work with very often) and thirdly - and this is the really tricky one for me - it is square. Oh yes, I find squares and rectangles very difficult to work with! I can't cope with corners. I know this about myself and I just generally avoid buying things in these particular shapes - my creative self simply cannot get it's head around them. My partner thinks it's weird; I know it's weird but there you go! So I thought, reach for the true challenge and go for the yellow and silver square.
I personally find great joy in colour. So I reached into my art bead stash and pulled out a couple of elements featuring the colour yellow. These are not made by the same artist - not even in the same country can you believe? Enamelled copper head pins from jade scott and a stunning and unusual lampwork bead from beads by Laura. 
These go together so perfectly it's almost uncanny. And aren't they happy? A simple design - another huge challenge for me, with a pendant that size, it really had to be a necklace - something else I struggle with a lot! - but one I feel quite happy with.

This next one is going to be a long chain necklace for myself. Music - a songbird - a pair of quavers (the musical notes) - turquoise - just perfect for me.
So I hope you don't mind this post coming to you a little late. If you're not already familiar with Erin's beautiful work then do hop over to her etsy shop and blog for some wordy and colourful inspiration. You won't w disappointed! 

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