Friday, 23 August 2013

Hello! I'm still here.....and a Sale or two this weekend

Wow, it's looking a bit dusty round here, isn't it?! You've probably all forgotten who I am and what this blog actually is....I'm still here! *waves* Today is, however, day 35 with only one day yes, I am feeling quite tired and a perhaps a little unhinged....! There really isn't enough concealer in the world....

I come to you today with good news however - firstly, I have three days (and let's hope three glorious days!) at the West End Fair in Edinburgh. It's being running daily from the 3rd August (I was in production down in London prior to that, hence my distinct lack of days off) but finishes up this Sunday. I've then a few days downtime in Edinburgh, followed by a trip up to Skye and possibly even across to Harris, if my brain can organise such a feat without the means of a car....not sure of the viability of public transport in the Western Isles....we shall see. Needless to say, I am seriously craving some downtime and am extremely excited about this trip!
Where I will be in a week......YES.......
I am also popping in here to let you know that both of my shops - Songbead and The Curious Bead Shop - are having sales this weekend. Pity Party Sales......this weekend is Bead Fest in Philly, and of course, being over here in the UK, I'm not going! Neither are some of my friends over at Art Bead Scene and beyond, and so we have banded together to have a joint sale. 

Use coupon code PITYPARTY13 to grab yourself a bargain at any of the following places this weekend!

Second Surf - 20% off.  Also check our Second Surf's Facebook page for one-of-a-kind bead sets through the weekend. 
Jewellery Quarter - 30% off. 
Grubbi - 40% off. 

The sales are running through til the end of Sunday. Enjoy! And hopefully see you here sooner rather than later....


lynsey said...

I've been following your days at the fair on Facebook, I hope you had a profitable time.

Alice said...

I hope you get a littl rest here and there! I can hardly sit through a two day show and you are on Day 35!!!!

Thanks for the heads up on all the pity party participants. I've just spent a bit with Brubbi and will check the others out.

Grubbi said...

Skye looks amazing! Dying to travel up that far. Am off to Scotland next week hopefully, Galloway and either a trip to Arran or Glencoe via Loch Lomond, can't decide on Arran or Glencoe though! Hope you have a fab time in Skye/Harris, sounds like you need the break! x


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