Monday, 30 June 2014

FLASH sale at Curious for my blog fans!

Social media is one of those things that you really have to be on your toes with. I have had this blog for 5 years now (I think?!), use Facebook, Instagram and have a barely-used Twitter account that I *believe* posts things on my behalf. (I have set it up to do that. I've just since forgotten what and how. I don't really *get* twitter, it's safe to say...). I was a late convert to Facebook, but it is a fabulous tool for connecting with others in an immediate and direct fashion. It's great for marketing, and is so flipping easy to use! But it is easy to neglect everything else in favour of Facebook as you get drawn into it and the huge number of people/artists/businesses on there. You go on to post one thing, and then, two hours later......if you are also on Facebook, you will know exactly what I mean. It's so time-consuming, although not in a necessarily useful way - a time-suck, you might say. I am sure I waste at least an hour on there, every single day....AT LEAST! I'm not often *just* on Facebook, but it surely slows me down with other things that I could do more efficiently without flipping back to Facebook constantly.....(Literally - even whilst writing this post. Geez!)

And so, last week, I had a humpday (that's Wednesday - the mid-point of the week!) flash sale over at The Curious Bead Shop....and I committed a criminal offence - I didn't share it here! I *only* shared it on Facebook. Which is great for all my Facebook fans, but not so great if you are not on Facebook. Which I know many of my customers are not. So, I've decided to repeat the sale to make things fair; a sale just for my beady blog followers. If you are reading this post, that's you! (And if you are a FB fan also, you lucky thing - you get two bites at the apple.) Through til the end of today (Monday 30th) you can take 15% off all purchases at Curious (apart from Curiosity Club subscription, as they already contain a juicy discount) with coupon code BLOGLOVE15. Head over there now and stock up!

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Saraccino said...

Hey, I read news at facebook (still missing a lot because I am not a fanatic). Of course I like seeing pictures and comments... but also they are all gone quite fast. I still prefer reading blogs. Especially now with so many people using different social media, the ones writing blogs are taking there time and I enjoy going along with their journey :)


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