Friday, 2 January 2015

Love More

So, how's 2015 treating you all? We've had one day for sleeping in and (possibly...!) feeling a little ropey, and another in which to blink and start to take it all in. It's just another day, another week, another bleary winter's morning of course, but who doesn't reflect a little at this time of year - who doesn't spare even one teeny tiny thought about how life could be different/better/happier? 

Even with the knowledge that the numbers don't mean a thing, I can't resist pondering what has been and what is to come. I try to steer clear of those wild resolutions that inevitably end in disaster by the 8am on the 3rd of January (go running every day! meditate each morning! lose half my body weight in time for my birthday in April!) because - let's be honest - they always DO end in disaster, which in turn leads to the inevitable disappointment, guilt and my own non-altered body-weight in wine and chocolate. 

For that same reason, I am not a fan of choosing a word for the year. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the exact same reason that I dislike sweeping resolutions. A few years back, I tried choosing 'Calm' as my word for the year. What followed was an emotionally intense and decidedly non-calm year. Every time I found myself in a situation where I could do with feeling a little calmer, instead of feeling the power of my chosen word washing over me, I instead felt doubly panicked and stressed by the fact that I was unable to conjure up this emotion by simply calling upon MY word. I had carefully selected it - why wouldn't it cooperate? Instead, I not only had my very stressful year to content with, I also felt like a failure because I hadn't managed to magically imbue my year with calmness. Of course. 

My second reason for disliking this 'word of the year' trend is this: one word? Really?! I don't know about you, but I need more than one noun for 365 days. Even calm - sometimes you need excitement, and spontaneity and silliness. So no, picking one word isn't the way to go for me. (I know it really works for some people though, and this is no disrespect to them - I'm glad it works for you if this is the case!)

Having said all of that, I have decided on a few things which I intend to focus on in 2015. Focus perhaps isn't the correct word - things I am going to try and centre my life around these principles a little more this year - and what I really mean is from now on. Hopefully centring on these things doesn't mean I will ditch them come 2016.

First is taking better care of myself, not just in the usual diet/exercise/beat yourself up with a big stick way, but in a more holistic way. I had a very long conversation about this with a dear friend on Hogmanay, a conversation which may or may not have been lubricated with some rather free-flowing prosecco, about how this way of life could - and should! - relate to both of us for the year ahead. Mind, body and spirit - I need to be gentler and kinder and more patient with myself. These last 5 years have been challenging, to say the least, but hopefully the tide is turning. I know I have to be an active part of that change, however. High levels of stress and anxiety always end of coming out in a physical expression as they are in me, but hopefully with a little kindness, calmness (that bloody word again...!) and gentleness, I can ease myself back into a more comfortable place, both physically and mentally. That's my lofty aim, at any rate. If I WAS going to pick a word, then it would (possibly) be holistic. But I'm not going to. Definitely not. 

My other resolution, if you will, is one I feel I can absolutely stick to. It's one that I actually WANT to stick to, and I think that's an excellent start.

Make more jewellery. 

I have other aims for the next year for me and Songbead (branding, cohesion, website, wholesale), but that simple thought - make more jewellery - is enough to begin. I need to bring things back to being creative (see above paragraph about taking better holistic care of myself!) - being myself. It's positive starting place, and something I feel I can stick to and enjoy.

And begin I have - start as you mean to go on! So much easier when your resolution is 'make more jewellery,' as opposed to 'eat only kale during January'. Here's a glimpse of some of what I've made this year already (over in my etsy shop too):

Believe it or not, this very apparent colour scheme was not in any way deliberate! And if you look back at my previous post, reviewing some of my favourite pieces of 2014, you'll see that turquoise and orange/coral/red are the two colours that leap out - at least, they are to me. So it's a true January set - the two-faced Janus, looking forwards whilst simultaneously looking backwards - the God of beginnings and transitions. I'm ready for both. 


Shaiha said...

I am one of those folks that find that a word does work for me while I totally blow when it comes to resolutions. I used it more as a reminder of where I am attempting to get too.

Love the new designs. They are very cohesive with the colors.

Lori Plyler said...

How funny! We did have similar thoughts!! Yours was just much better expressed than mine. ;-) And I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion. Always loving your creations, btw.

Alice said...

One year I picked a word for the year but I realized it wasn't working for me.
Your jewelry is beautiful. Can I ask where you got those cute Love More beads?

Christals Creations said...

I only heard of the word for the year through blogging. I have to say it's not something I would do either. Resolutions are all very well if they are manageable but as you say if they are not it can all end in a feeling of sadness and negativity. I wish you all the best for you and the business in 2015. :)

lynsey said...

Yes I agree with you about the one word thing, It's nigh on impossible to contextualise a whole year in one word I think, as I believe the great thing about life is the wonderful variety. Making more jewellery is definitely on my list too. All the best for the year ahead for you :-)

LUCY said...


Susan Delaney said...

A beautiful, thorough, mature discussion!

I have two resolutions: compete only with myself, to be a little better person each day than I was yesterday.

And, like you, to make more jewelry

Lesley Lane said...

Loved reading this ( and looking at the beautiful jewellery!) Thought-provoking and true.


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