Friday, 1 May 2015

Stacked Earring Challenge Take 3!

Hello all! It's time for a little transatlantic, trans-North Sea earring swap again. Malin started our little group back in January with these words:

"The idea is that I give each of us the same set of beads. Beads that I believe would be nice to use in earrings. Nothing exclusive, and no art beads. Just a group of different beads that I myself believe can be used in fun and interesting ways in earrings in a stacked style.

I am longing to see how we all use the same things but in different ways. I am thinking we could all make at least one pair of earrings, but hopefully more. And that we are free to add our own extra beads and/or other components, if we at least use three (3) of the beads from my set in each design."

This time around, the lovely Leah Curtis of Beady Eyed Bunny  sent us this a really delicious selection of beads, which you can see below in Malin's picture:

What you can't necessarily tell from this picture is just how beautiful weeny most of these beads are. For some sense of scale, the turquoise fire-polished beads in the bottom LH corner are 4mm, and the gold seed beads to the right are a small size 8. If that's too technical for you then trust me, these beads are on the wee side which for me is just *perfect*. Yes, I like the big fatties too but personally, small is almost always better when it comes in bead form! I think that's actually part of the reason I like beads in the first place. 

And you will see with the earrings that I created that I continued with the 'weeny' theme. Even within the selection of beads which Leah sent us, I really gravitated towards the weeniest of them - the largest beads I used were the long stick gemstones in the second pair. I tried to make the earrings themselves slightly longer by hanging them on short lengths of chain, which I am wont to do, but to no avail - they just looked better as they were. So here you go, my weeny collection of teeny earrings! 

DISCLAIMER - I must apologise for the slightly dodgy pictures (no, not like that - get your mind out of the gutter!). We've recently moved house and I HAVE NOT got the hang of the light in our new flat as yet. I'll get there but these are all blue-washed and slightly fuzzy to the max, despite my best efforts editing with iPhoto afterwards. Ah well! You get the idea! 

Now go and have a peek at what the others did with the same collection of lovelies! Thank you Leah for the gorgeous and inspiring bundle. 

Claire Lockwood - SomethingToDoWithYourHands -

Leah Curtis - BeadyEyedBunny -

***Rebecca Anderson - Songbead -*** You are here!

Heidi Post - ExPostFacto -

Malin de Koning - BeadingByMalindeKoning -


Claire Lockwood said...

I love the dinky! Although, you know I tend towards chunky beads. But these were really fun to work with. I really like the second pair and the colours in the third pair are great. Also the final pair: so you! Really like how you've used the dinky flowers as drops.

Malin de Koning said...

Rebecca, oh you have made such good use of Leah's bead lot. Such playful and beautiful creations. I love how colourful your earrings turned out. I, for some reason, didn't manage to work with the colourful beads this time. My favorite pair of yours (if I have to pick one) is the third one with the second pair coming up shortly after.
Malin x

Heidi Post said...

They're all so cute :) The bottom ones really are so very you. I like how you've mixed the colors up, whereas I was sort of keeping like with like. The second pair is probably the boldest mix. I really like them a lot! And of course Malin likes the ones with Swedish colors best ;)

Silver Parrot said...

What a beautiful selection of goodies to play with. I love the bright pink in the first pair and the happy turquoise/red combo of the last pair (yes, I am a bright color junkie!).

Karin G said...

What a beautiful set of earrings! Although I'm more of a longer earrings person, I love how you manage to put so many colors, textures and shapes in shorter ones.

CraftyHope said...

That selection of beads was indeed A-MAZING! I adore the wide variety of colors and textures that she included. And, what you did with them.. . gorgeous as always. The color pairings you made are really eye-catching and the designs are lovely!


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