Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Firth of Forth or Whale Watching 2019

Back in 2014, I designed a bracelet using one of Kylie Parry's beautiful whale beads. (You can see and read about it here). Upon starting my jewellery work again, and routing through my bead stash, I stumbled across another of these precious handmade ceramic pieces and remembered my old blog post so looked it up for a read through - only to discover these words:

"The sea is amazing in all its guises, and I do have dreams of one day having a coastal home, somewhere around Edinburgh. I just have to look at the sea to feel a sense of inner-calm wash through me. Ok, we don't have the weather of the Californian coast, but Scotland's not so bad-looking either!"

How fitting to reread this post at this time, only weeks after we moved to Newhaven, in one of the coastal prongs of Edinburgh's northern coast, right on the water. Of course, I knew I had to revisit and revamp my original design. 

A medley of pressed glass rondelles with a smattering of lampwork glass and a few of the 'original' Indonesian drawn glass beads, and a full strand of dramatic stick freshwater pearls, making a bolder statement than the original individual keshi pearls. 

The Firth of Forth is wild - and whales are occasionally seen there too!

 Like the original bracelet, it closes with a beautiful handcast pewter clasp in the shape of a starfish. I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane, and the funny synchronicity of life.

You can find Firth of Forth here

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