Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Not many words, just a few photos...

A new bracelet, shot on a lovely dish; one of a pair I received for my birthday, from PrinceDesignUK - an artist coincidentally also based in Manchester.

Aqua birds....

Can you guess just how much I love them...?

Blush pearls, pale as a whisper pink faceted Czech glass beads from ArteBellaSurplus, purple chain from MissFickleMedia.

A selection of shots from my bead table...

General beady goodness.

Beautiful large brass filigree hollow rounds.

Gorgeous lily pad pendant from Kylie Parry.

Beautiful indigo washed wing; one of a pair from MissFickleMedia.

What's on your bead table today?


My Life Under the Bus said...

The wing is fantstic of course it would be from The Miss!!! Your a damn lucky gal there lots of yummy goodies - the bracelet is too fantastic esp. that pink Czech glass!

Blacklady said...

wow wieder wunderschön deine Kette.
lg karin

steufel said...

Rebecca - one word: awesome!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

What amazing pictures xx

Kylie Parry Studios said...

Awesome post- I want your entire bead table :)

Jo said...

That is a beautiful bracelet!
I've had my eye on some dishes from PrinceDesignUK for a while - I'm just trying to educate my family into buying birthday presents from etsy!


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