Thursday, 7 June 2012

Finally Friday - more colour inspiration

So, this week I was perusing my blog list when I stumbled upon Shannon's Finally Friday post. Each week, Shannon takes a palette from Design Seeds and challenges readers to turn it into jewellery, posting on Friday. I've enjoyed reading about these challenges on several occasions but have never joined in - but the palette which Shannon chose leapt out of my laptop, grabbed me by the shoulders and demanded to be used! 

And used it I have. I couldn't wait to get started and posted my first bracelet the very afternoon that I came across the palette, listed it on etsy, and it sold that very evening! That NEVER happens to me, so it was hugely exciting. It should now be over in Cheshire with (hopefully) a happy customer :-)

The original bracelet
I couldn't help but make some earrings to go with the bracelet...

Peachy Keen
Hula Skirts 
Stacked Flowers

But because I had already posted all of these pieces, I felt it only fair that I make one, not a necklace (I will definitely make one using this gorgeous palette but not yet) but another bracelet. Shouldn't be surprised really, I can't stay away from them!

All bronze components by TheaToo, lampwork by Moogin

Something very exciting about these three pictures is that they are the first to be taken using my new and improved (TM) lighting system! Yes, the umbrellas for my fancy pants lights arrive today and these photos were taken at 10.30 at night. What do you think? I shot these really quickly just to see what they were like (and I realise I forgot to turn the living room light out so that may well make a difference) but I am pretty pleased with what I see so far! No glare, no real shadows....I think I need to play around with colour as these are slightly (only slightly mind) washed out; the middle shot at any rate. But I am happy so far and I think I may finally have cracked this issue. Many more issues still to go but lighting may well be sorted!

Looking forward to seeing who else has joined in with this beautiful colour scheme. Here it is if you are feeling inspired!

Thanks Shannon :-)


Jenni said...

Beautiful! Love the melon beads with all the little pretty flowers ...and they are all a perfect match forthat gorgeous palette photo. The photos look great, too. I would definately say that's sorted!

Lesley said...

Crikey - giant bronze triffids...they've grown in a week!This makes the hours I've just spent oxidising and cleaning beads caps worthwhile!

Unknown said...

I'm not surprised that the first bracelet sold so's gorgeous! Love the color palette! Hopefully you will have as much success with the second bracelet, it's equally beautiful!

Alice said...

Holy Cow girl, when you decide to play along you go all out! I just love the sweet colors of your pieces, and the names are so fitting. I'm glad you got to play along!

By the way, your photos are wonderfuls. I'd love to see a picture of that umbrella thingy.

Green Shoot Jewellery Designs said...

You made some gorgeous pieces, I love the bright summery colours, just the thing to cheer me up in this terrible weather!
Deb x

Unknown said...

Gorgeous, I am drooling over the final bracelet. The color combination is stunning. I was just talking to my dad about setting something up for myself with umbrellas and such so I can take better pictures. I usually do it outside on overcast or partially sunny days but it would be great to have something indoors!!

Have a great weekend!


A Polymer Penchant said...

Wow, you were very busy! They all look so fun to wear. The pictures are really lovely too, I would have never guessed those were shot at night


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