Monday, 18 June 2012

new pieces in les shops.

i've been photographing and editing all day - yawn, quite frankly! i do enjoy taking photographs but then i reach a point were i'm just going through the motions; not quite concentrating on the simple enjoyment of looking at what i'm taking, just making my way through a pile of jewellery and not necessarily getting the best photos that i can do. so hopefully i haven't done that today....i had a surprise day off due to my primary school doing a recording with the whole school today and thus my wee singers being needed for does mean that thursday - my usual day off - will be spent at work instead but never mind! so i thought i should really make use of it. 

lots of earrings. some of these i've made really recently (days ago) and some, over the past few months. what do you think? i can see lots of complementary and contrasting colours when i look at these as a whole, and i'm quite enjoying that. colour is such a huge inspiration to me, i do enjoy playing around with it - either in making it flow along from one hue to another:
or in juxtaposing complementaries with one another - usually secondaries or tertiaries rather than primaries, but i do love the odd primary combination here and there - see these lemon and royal blue earrings! 
quite a soothing combination i find.
i've also added a couple of rings, which is a new item i've been selling at my monthly craft fair - these are so fun to make, just playing around with shots of colour.
peachy mint
sweet tooth
 available in my shops now or over the next few hours....
one little blue bird

bollywood flowers
happy colours
shabby pearls
pearl aviary
poppy tears
it's been good to repopulate my little folksy shop as well - it's been neglected for too long. i'm never quite sure about whether i should have the two shops going - it's that mental toss up between knowing that whilst there are not as many buyers on folksy, there aren't as many sellers either - etsy is swamped with both. it's a little easier to list on etsy too so i usually end up just going straight there....however, i am making a point of trying to fill up little folksy. 14 items so far, where as there were 5 this morning. not bad for one evening! 

what have you created this week?


Tania Tebbit said...

I love the last set of earrings, and the little house charm in the first photo. Enjoy your editing and uploading.

Manik Jawa Inc said...

I love the way you play with the colors =)


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