Friday, 11 January 2013


Sometimes a colour just speaks to you. This week it has been yellow. And red. I've been listening to both I realise, looking at this happy bracelet and yesterday's post as well. How about you?

Features handmade ceramic beads from Earthenwood Studio, Jubilee and Bo Hulley Beads.


Linda - said...

Lovely bright colours Rebecca, just suits the lovely sunny day we have had today.

Jewels By Ine said...

I love color ! Again a lovely piece..

Heidi Post said...

Haven't had any particularly strong color feelings lately. And while I generally don't love yellow much, this bracelet is great! Funny though, I was thinking about a song this morning called "Sunshine Yellow" on my way to work (in the dreary rain).

Lottie said...

This makes me very happy and cheering and would be such a joy to wear in the coming days when we are due snow

I bought some beads etc from Bo over the Christmas period and she was so happy to hear that I found you through your links to her site. She loves your jewellery as much as I do



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