Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Art Market, Holmfirth

Evening all! A very quick stop in to share a pic of my stand before The Art Market, Holmfirth opened yesterday. Full details of how it went to follow later this week!

Very much more bijoux than the space I've had at recent fairs, so it involved a complete rethink. A couple of tweaks to go here and there, but essentially, I'm pleased with how it looks! I've another fair over the summer in Edinburgh, which is a very similar size and space, so this weekend was a good first run at it.
Right, I'm off to write up my Art Bead Scene post. See you later!
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Ann Schroeder said...

Your booth looks beautiful! If I were there, it would totally pull me in.

somethingunique said...

looks wonderful as it!!!

SummersStudio said...

That's a really nice use of that size space. Looks great.


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