Sunday, 2 June 2013

Spot the Bead Artist Giveaway Winners!

So, the other day, I asked how many of the bead artists in this pic could you spot? And I offered a secret prize as a wee incentive.....well, here's my reveal! 

That button I added to Kylie Parry's pendant was the one that threw people off's actually a button I picked up in a lovely wee shop in St Ives, Cornwall last year, whilst holiday-ing. I did look up the Co. who made the button at the time, but I have of course forgotten since then, who the creator(s) was/were. Apologies, button makers of the South West peninsula.

Here are the shops - check out these talented folks' artistry!

Suzie Q (sorry for typo in the picture above!)

And the winner? Well, it's a tricky one. Technically, Sammy Jay got all of the artists! Pretty good. But she kind of writing down all of the bead artists she knew I loved......! Good work for knowing that though, you definitely deserve a prize for your research!! So, Sammy Jay is getting a 20% off voucher to one my shops, her choice. Then Ellen and Lorelei both got six out of the eight artists, and they did it just using the picture! So I figure they both deserve prizes too. So they get 20% off vouchers too. Message me guys, and I will get your codes out to you! 

Thanks everyone who played along - and good work, winners :-)

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