Friday, 31 January 2014

New Jewellery!

New jewellery in my etsy shop! As you can see, I'm going for it with colour at the moment. I think I'm craving it at the moment - the weather is so dark, dingy, wet, dreich and horrible over here in Belfast at the moment! Bring on the Spring or at least a little sunshine. 

Colour Love

Purple Perch

Polka Love


I have been on quite bracelet roll this week so hopefully will have more pieces to share with you over the weekend. I've also got a mini bracelet tute to share tomorrow, with any luck, showing you how to incorporate my nest components from last week. Watch this space.


Lottie said...

Well your stunningly gorgeous jewellery have brighten up and dark winters' day.

The weather is the same over here on the mainland - truly depressing - but thanking our blessings that we are not deep in snow and ffffrrreeeezing as we were last winter when we were literally stuck indoors for days

Claire Lockwood said...

These are all just STUNNING! Yes, there must be sun soon!

Ellen Lambrix said...

Keep on bringing the colour in our lives, Rebecca! x

Mary L said...

Love, love, love 'Purple Perch'!! And love the rich, deep 'aged' colors! :)

Mary L said...

Also... I would love to do a little blog feature of your shop if you ever use a seahorse in anything... :)

Shaiha said...

Great designs! They do bring a sense of spring with all the pretty colors.

Janine said...

Great pieces Rebecca, as always!!! They sure bring some spring into the dark.


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