Thursday, 6 February 2014

Some necklaces

New jewellery over on etsy. I will get around to sorting out my website one of these days, honest....!

First up, this piece from just before Christmas. I absolutely adore this and the only thing stopping me from keeping it for myself is that I just don't wear necklaces. Like, ever. Occasionally a very long chain but really, nothing. I blame it on my short neck. It's available over at right now. (The necklace that is, not my short neck!)

Next up, this sweet and simple necklace. It's an ode to prettiness I think. Pearls, soft peach-pink, delicate lavender matte ceramics.....sweet, feminine and just a little bit different. 

Lastly, here's a piece I just got back from Jewelry Affaire, a *very* beautiful American periodical. I can't bring myself to call it a magazine, it's so much more than that word implies. 

Parisienne.....I would quite like to be wearing this in Paris, ambling along the banks of the Seinne, right now!

You can find these all over at 

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Lottie me said...

Oh my goodness me - I am running out of superlatives to say how absolutely awesome your jewellery is and utterly, utterly original. Love it.

You inspired me to have a go at making a bracelet a couple of days ago - not a patch on any of your makes - but it's give me a kick up the proverbial to get out those gorgeous beads and cords I bought from you and to get 'stuck in' - but sadly not today - bring life's needs to shop for food and fish to do!


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