Saturday, 10 January 2015


Earrings....I love 'em. Cannot get enough of them. 

A day goes by without my putting some in my ears, then it's a wasted day. 

Luckily, I love making them too! So quick to whip up, yet so satisfying too. And there's plenty of scope for artistic expression too. It's like a painter with a teeny, tiny canvas. 

I'm on a real earring kick at the moment, as you can see from these pictures. All created in the past week (and not the only ones!)

I think these last ones are my favourite. I'm always a fan of a decorated earwire, and I'm so pleased that the very tiniest of my handwoven {song}beads can be created with large enough holes to decorate these long and elegant earwires. What do you think? I have plans for more of these!

If you're also an earring fan, most of the earrings in this post are available in my etsy shop


Susan Delaney said...

All gorgeous, but my heart goes to the first pair with the red/orange singing a duet with the turquoise.

Inspired by yesterday's post I made a pair of seriously asymmetrical earrings. I am very pleased with them. Thanks for the courage transplant!

Christals Creations said...

Also good for using up odd leftover beads. Do love a bit of earring making myself. :)

bairozan said...

Absolutely beautiful! And I really like how you embellished the ear wires in the last pair - cool!


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