Thursday, 26 April 2012

Some lovely post, and my 2nd vlog

I did my first vlog a while back and have meant to follow it up for a while. Had a couple of things I wanted to share with you and thought - why not? So here it is.....excuse the first bit being upside down, I haven't quite got the hang of this videoing thing yet....

I got cut off before the end because my phone ran out of space! Oops. What I was saying was, this particular bead isn't going to be turned into jewellery because I have a place where I put very special beads. I will share that with you some other's pretty awesome. The two ladies I talk about are here:


KJ said...

I enjoyed the post. Even rainy it was a great view out the window. I was touched by the turquoise and stamped bead- what a great and thoughtful gift.

Malin de Koning said...

Lovely Rebecca! Thank you so much! I love your new table. I think you can maybe use part of that graffitti as a backdrop for your pictures.

The rabbit is absolutely adorable. So cute. I love it's white bum.


Lesley said...

Great post Rebecca - I'm a big fan of Bo's beads too and she's only a hop and a skip from me! Maisie is adorable and the sweetest keepsake.

Heidi Post said...

I cannot believe I missed this vlog until now! But you know I've been swamped at work and now I'm free to catch up! This is wonderful. I love listening to you talk :) You still remind me of Gwen from Torchwood, even though I believe she's Welsh.

As if I didn't already love Bo enough from our recently shared David Bowie love, she made you the Maisie bunny, which is about the sweetest thing ever!

Your view is not crap - it's totally charming, and I like your little desk. Thanks for doing another vlog, even with your sideways face ♥


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