Monday, 23 April 2012

Colour and Photography

Some new pieces for le shop. 4 absolutely new, and one which I have just updated photos for. These are all taken on my iPhone, edited on the photoshop app. The demise of has led to some new experimentation! And I have fallen out of love with my camera. I think it has too many megapixels. That's my excuse anyway....
Firstly, a bracelet (of course, would you expect anything else from me?) - one of my bangles featured in my Wrapped, Stacked and Layered post from the weekend.

It features a butterfly charm, a enamelled round, a clay round, and a ancient relic word bead. As soon as this bead arrived, I knew it had to go on one of these bangles. Something about it said strength and solidity to me, so the blog hop on Saturday was the perfect excuse to turn it into a bangle. The earthy green shades seemed to go well and the black butterfly just the right touch of femininity. (Am I the only one who hears Take That when I look at it though? I am definitely a teen of the 90s...)
Next up, my updated shots:

I love this bracelet! I hope someone else will too...that wee distressed butterfly needs a home. I think the new shots show her off slightly better.

Now some personal favourite type of jewellery to wear. I know if I don't have earrings in that I must have left the house in a big hurry! These are simple and fun, I want to try and use materials such as sari silk in as many different ways as possible and little touches such as these I find quite pleasing somehow.
Now something a little different....

a necklace! Yes, you wouldn't think that I designed necklaces on a monthly basis for Beads and Beyond for the very few that hit my shops....but I do! I find them more challenging to design than bracelets or earrings, comparatively, but moreover, I find them extremely hard to photograph. But I was quite pleased how the shots of this one turned out. What do you think? Are they a little grainy or is my iPhone doing the job ok?
Lastly, a bracelet, in the colours of my recent Hot Air Balloon necklace. I'll try and find the link for that later.

I absolutely love this bead mix! Yellow chrysoprase, dyed jade, Czech glass, antique copper just looks very happy to me. The simple clasp is hand forged by me with a cute antique copper flower attached. Simple but just a little bead touch to lift it from the ordinary. It's part of my colour challenge year - pushing myself to combine colours in ways that are unexpected (to me at least!) but really work. And those diamente spacers - I never would have considered them usually but somehow the fun but slightly rustic bead selection called for them. A subtle hint of sparkle. All of these are available in my etsy shop now.
What have you been creating lately? What colours have you put together? And what photography challenges are you overcoming?
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I LOVE color! said...

Your new creations are neat, they remind me of collage. W@hich I am crazy about. I sometimes just feel one coming on. Be blessed to be a blesing

TesoriTrovati said...

That last palette is my favorite. I love how fresh and springy it looks! Necklaces are the thing I have no trouble making. Bracelets make me pull my hair out! And I love the new look of your blog. That backgroud is gorgeous!
Enjoy the day!

Heidi Post said...

I LOVE the last bracelet. But then I also LOVE the air balloon necklace, and like you said, they're similar. Or like I would say, they're friends.

I think the necklace is totally fab, and you photographed it very well. My iPhone (or rather me) doesn't seem to capture macro-y detail as well. You're doing a great job with it. Fortunately I still love my camera :)

Malin de Koning said...

All the pieces look fantastic Rebecca!!! The first bracelet! The necklace! The earrings! Love'm all! :-)

The photos looks totally fine. I also used to take my photos with my iPhone, back when I started blogging. I just didn't have the hang of our camera yet. If you learn how to maneuver and use the iPhone to it's best, it is a rather good camera actually. Nothing wrong with it when showing the images online. The problem might only appear if, I say IF, you would like to use the pictures in any printed matter. But then it depends on the size and other things aswell.

Beautiful work!

lynsey said...

Gorgeous all. I just love how you use colour in your work


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