Monday, 3 December 2012

December Begins....

So, today is the first Monday of December - the first Monday of advent. I am not religious, but both of my grandads were Methodist ministers, and as someone who has from the age of 6 been part of a choir, I have always been involved in Advent and Christmas concerts, and loved the rituals and run up to the 25th. Christmas Eve is near enough my favourite day of the whole year!

I am doing much less singing this year for one reason and anther, and I am a little sad that I won't be part of a Messiah, or a Bach Passion or even carol service or a carol concert. Apart from if you count my secondary school's forthcoming Christmas concert, where I'll be waving my arms in front of the choir for the last time.....I love the build up to Christmas and the little rituals we all have - be they things that we all share, like gobbling up chocolate advent calendars, or personal, family events. One of my atheist friends and I have for I think 13 out of the last 14 years attended midnight mass somewhere or other. Two of my friends host an annual 'Winter Wonderland' dinner party between Christmas and New Year. My Mum collects beautiful nativity settings and interesting and unique advent calendars, and always has an advent candle without fail. Not being religious really doesn't stop you enjoying the festivities and taking a moment to pause and reflect on the year!
Usually this moment takes place after the 24th - when you work in music and jewellery, everything is all go until you hit the big day! But this year, I am going to do my damnedest to take a moment in December. I have had the most manically busy and stressful November, flying from one end of the country to another doing various things. Most of what November contained was positive (although the greatly extended floor sanding less so....!) but I must admit to being exhausted by it. And also struggling to rid myself of a chest infection that has been with me for over 2 months now. I need a rest. And easy as it would be to crash on until the 25th, I am going to try to just slow my pace a little. Whether that will be possible or not is another matter.....I have 4 singing exams coming up, 2 school concerts, a production of Joseph to rehearse, and another 3 craft fairs before Christmas, along with my one dose of singing Christmas carols, as part of a quartet for a corporate event ( not exactly scintillating but I do love carols). And bearing in mind that I am writing this post on my phone, sitting on the bus on the way home from a full day of school teaching to an evening of private teaching...! Wish me luck as I try to steal back a moment for myself....

What are your December plans? Do you have a crazy month? Or are you fortunate enough to be able to savour the run up to Christmas a little?


Heidi Post said...

I think I would explode if I were as busy as you have been! No wonder you can't get rid of your respiratory problems!

I love Christmas too, and all the music and decorations (though I'm not religious either, but hey, Saturnalia!) We put up our tree & decorations yesterday. My mannequin is dressed as a "sexy elf." Haha, but that was the cheapest cute costume I could find a few years ago. I'm having an open house/holiday jewelry sale next weekend, then some family stuff & a cousin's wedding coming up before the actual day. And that's more than busy enough for me. I will do my resting after Christmas. I've got a massage scheduled for the 26th, and shoulder surgery on the 27th followed by quality time on the sofa with my dog and TV until it's back to work on the 2nd.

Do try to relax sometime, please!

Cassi said...

Much like Heidi, I'm not sure I could handle being as busy as you --and I feel busy enough already! I can so understand your urge to sing when you can though --I love to sing, and even caroling in front of some corporate suits would be worth it :-)

I'm not religious either, but I belong to a Unitarian Universalist congregation, and we always have a very fun winter solstice service that I really enjoy. The music, the greenery, the blessings, it's the part of Christmas that I love.

I love this time of year and I try hard not to end up so stressed with things to do that I can't actually enjoy any of them.

I hope you can shake the chest thing --that would be important!

SmittenBeads said...

Hi Rebecca, Great post! I although an agnostic! am also a lover of Christmas festivities, especially the decorations. This week I will be buying the largest Christmas tree I can afford and will begin to deck the Braunbarth halls! This is the second year that I have been able to take it a little easier in December, most of my lovely customers have done their big bead shop for their Christmas makes so December sees smaller top up orders and gives me some time to create, I love it! Proper time to prepare, I may even bake! Have a great Christmas Rebecca. XX
PS This is the second time this week you have inspired me - I’m off for to write a post ;0)

Bobbie said...

A singer's Christmas season without a Messiah performance? That's almost a sign from heaven that you need some rest! Musicians rarely get to catch their breath from mid-November until 12/25 -- my family's running like madpeople, too (one's doing a Nutcracker, another's doing various Messiahs and orchestral holiday know how it is) Hope you do find some time to give yourself a little respite!

Alice said...

My November was very hectic and so frustrating on so many levels. December started the same way, but I'm determined to not let it take away my love for the season. Advent always has a sort of calming effect on me no matter what chaos is around me. In fact, Advent is my favorite season.


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