Sunday, 16 May 2010

Bunny Love

So, Nicki (my Bead Soup swap partner!) has asked if I can show you the rest of my rabbits. It's rare to get a picture of all four together as they don't all get on but here is one of the two I have showing the whole clan! From left to right - Petula, Rufus, Elphaba and Maisie. Rufus and Maisie were the original rescue bunnies and about a year ago we got Elphaba and Petula. Petula is a bit of a bully unfortunately so we have to keep her away from Maisie who she likes to chase around the living room. But they all love Rufus and vie for his attention - very bad feminists!


Nicki said...

Oh they are soooo cute. Do you keep them in a cage? Or a caged area? Or outside? They look happy. We have two girls, and most of the time they are inseparable, but sometimes they start to chase each other. We just make sure they have enough space to run and hide and get out of each others way if they need to, and so far it has been ok.

eve said...

Awe how gorgeous is rufus, so sweet looking,x

Rebecca said...

We keep them all in the living room Nicki, Petula and Elphaba have 2 puppy pens around them when we're not in the room, and Rufus and Maisie (much better behaved!) are 'loose'! It is really sad that Petula is such a bully but we have tried all sorts of things to get her to like Maisie and she's having none of it.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

What adorable bunnies! And how funny to hear about their unique personalities!


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