Wednesday, 12 May 2010


SO, you thought I was going to let this blog slide again? Never fear, I'm back after a couple of weeks off...I kept meaning to blog but didn't really have much to say! And more to the point, I didn't have any photos to post. I am RUBBISH at taking pictures. I'm not really a happy snapper, it all seems like a bit of an effort for often a very poor result. But tonight I got my wee Olympus out and took some pics of some new pieces I made over the past few days. Because we all know blogs are really all about the pictures...

I decided that my big stash of lampworks really deserved to be turned into some jewellery.


The CUTE pewter birdie is from Mamacita Beadworks. And guess what? He's a songbird. Or is he a she?

Sarah Downton

(I just couldn't get a good picture of the lampwork bead in this bracelet. And I'm not sure it works too well with my new music background and I've used so many transparent and delicate beads. But here it is all the same! Check out the beads here.)

Clare Scott
(Again, not the best lampwork pic. I need better light! But you know, you've seen my other picture of this one, right?)

Lush Lampwork
(This is going to be a necklace. I just need some co-ordinating chain to complete.)

So, what do you think? I really like my 'ye olde notation' backdrop but perhaps just for darker/more vibrant pieces. And I so need a lightbox or just to be organised and take pics in the 2 minutes of sunshine we seem to get a day here in Manchester *sigh*. We're currently house hunting and I am obsessed with figuring out directions and angles and which way the sun moves around each flat/house that we look at - not just for picture purposes of course, also because it affects my mood so much. Any one else the same, have a touch of SAD?! N.B. Where it says 'winter depression' read 'all-year-round depression' for Manchester! We don't get the best of weather. At least I have my beads to cheer me up!


eve said...

I was the same to start with with trying to get good photos, i bought a pop up tent to take my photos in, it cost about £30, but my lovely mum bought me a really good camera last year for my xmas, i have a Nikon D60, i'm hoping to buy myself another new lense soon, but they cost a few hundred, so i better get saving, loving the new pieces, i also have a large box of lampwork beads to use, will get there,x

Nicki said...

The picture taking would be my big issue too - I read about making a lightbox yourself in one of my favorite blogs, probably Lorelei's - need to find it. Lovely wire jewelry.


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