Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Finished pieces

Just a quick post to show you the pieces I finished this evening after work.

First up is the bracelet for my Mum - a belated birthday piece.

Garnet faceted buttons
Sterling silver

I just added the silver flower charm at the last minute but I really like it - what do you think?

Swarovski crystal
Some kind of green semi-precious stone which I can't remember the name of!
Mini Czech cathedral beads

Next up is my ribbon necklace from the other night - I should probably call it something like 'Key to my Heart' or something similarly nauseating but I can't quite bring myself to do that! I do like the wee brass charms I have used in it though. I love to decorate the backs of necklaces, it makes them really pretty when you have your hair up.

Lastly (due to failing light!) is a sweet wee bracelet I made with the piece of ribbon I had left over from the necklace. Again, I have used SowZere, Vintaj and Patina Queen, and again, some semi-precious stones which I can't remember the names of...I think the turquoise beads are dyed jade but I'm not sure about the blushing pink bead...I remember I bought it in the Tower Street bead shop in London though! Oh, and the brass bead caps are from Brass Bouquet.

Incidentally, have you been wondering why SowZere is called SowZere? Well, I's the explanation taken from Diane's website....

'The silk ribbons evolved from my textile background and my love of dyeing and using silk fabrics and threads. When I was asked why I always used silk I would reply 'Well you can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear' and the name stuck - but the spelling was changed! '

So there you go! Her ribbon is absolutely beautiful, I think you should DEFINITELY all go and buy some...


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Love these pieces! The bracelet is so delicate and feminine. The orange and teal calls to me!! My favorite colors!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Beverly, I love teal and orange too, also my favourites!


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