Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Postie's Gifts

Just thought I would share with you some lovely things that came in the post this morning. It's always a good day when you get home and there are little brown packages waiting for you!

Firstly, some lovely thick sterling silver chain which I ordered a few days ago to complete a bracelet for my Mum. I am about to go up to the gym so I think I might pack up my beads and go and sit in a cafe afterwards to finish the bracelet off.

Secondly, some absolutely gorgeous beads from Mamacita Beadworks. I bought a Songbird from her a few weeks back and I loved it so much that I just had to order a few more. Mamacita's beads are all hand cast in pewter which is a metal I love - they have a lovely weight to them. Can't wait to create something with them but I do love when new things arrive to just sit and look and hold them! So full of potential.

PS I am now off to post some Bead Soup to Nicki...


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi Rebecca what a lovely comment you've put on latest post. Thanks.
Enjoy your new goodies. And yea it's always nice to recieve brown packages in your mailbox I so do agree with that one.
CU Dagmar

lisa oram said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Rebecca. It's nice to meet another seed bead lover. Enjoy the Bead Soup Party. I am not participating this time, but I will be back to crash the party when the end results are aired. A feast for the eyes, for sure. Take care, lisa

Nicki said...

Hey Rebecca, thanks for leaving the comment on my blog - I actually did not see that until you told me. Blogger is acting up and does not show me updates for some of my favorite blogs anymore, weird. My package will go out to you tomorrow, and I think it will be nice.... I hope you will enjoy it too.

steufel said...

Hello Rebecca, those pieces are gorgeous. And thxs for stepping by and leaving the comment on my blog:-)

regards Stefanie


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