Monday, 26 July 2010

My Bunny Likes To Hide In Boxes

Anyone remember My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes? I LOVED it when I was a wee girl. Still love it today. It's the type of wonderful book that sticks in your mind - not just the words and the story but the gorgeous illustrations that go along with it. Andrew's post reminded me of this picture of Rufus and I'm such a loser I had to share it with you :-) !!


Nicki said...

he is a real sweety.

JaneLock said...

Have often thought about having a rabbit and yours is not changing my mind! ... Are they happy being housebound?

Malin de Koning said...


I can hardly bare to see such cuties. It kind of itches in my heart or guts.

One of my cats, the large 11 years old Charlie, still loves to squeeze in to the tiniest contaiers. It is ridiculous really. He hasn't got a clue about his own size at those times.

Yes Andrews kittens are so gorgeaus. I love when he posts pictures with them.

steufel said...

This photo is so cute:-)

Pretty Things said...

So cute. My cat loved to hide in boxes, and would try to cram himself into one, even if he didn't fit! said...

I Love Rufus! You're not a loser, we all love our pets so much we must share them with others!

I am glad you did, Rufus made me smile.


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