Wednesday, 7 July 2010

New Beads and Beyond

The new issue of Beads and Beyond is out to subscribers and almost out to the shops (tomorrow I think) and I'm so excited to tell you about my design in this month's issue! I don't have a photo just now but I promise I will put one on here shortly. I really found a lot of inspiration from right here, our diverse beading and jewellery making internet community which is one of my favourite things about this glorified hobby of mine. Two of the main sources came through my friend Eve - lamp work beads from Clare Scott and hand dyed silk ribbon from Sowzere - and I got the idea of how to actually connect up the ribbon into a design from Lorelei. Three of those blogs are down on my blog list on the right hand side of this post and I love to drop in and see what folks are writing about. Isn't the Internet just the best source of inspiration? I love how it connects us all as individuals.


Nicki said...

Wow, this is really cool - congratulations, mam. I have tried for some time to get something published but most of the time, I never even hear back from the publishers. I love the blogs - they are kind of addictive. And for sure you are welcome over here any time, but I do not think that I can really show you how to do some of that metal stuff. It is more trial and error right now.... Would love to meet with you one day, here or in the UK.

Patti said...

Congratulations! Isn't it exciting to have your designs published! Looking forward to see it!

Cathryn said...

Congratulations on your publication! I can't wait to see your published piece!

eve said...

Just got my copy today, thats for the mention, so glad to see you using silk ribbon, i just love it and Diane makes some beautiful colours, I have also bought ribbon for a seller on etsy Jamnglass she is good but you pay quite a bit on P&P, I really need to get a list of all the copies that i have been featured in also on my blog, will get round to it one day.

Cindy said...

CONGRATS!!!! I notice in the UK that they send out the next month's issues nice and early. I can't wait to find this here in the U.S.!


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