Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Where's Columbo???

I can't find my camera! AKA Columbo. (As I think I have mentioned before on here, I have a slight obsession with cheesy tv detective dramas, so my iPod is Quincy, computer Cagney, phone Lacey and camera Columbo...). I made a few new pieces over the last few days and really wanted to share them on here but I've put my camera down somewhere silly and now can't lay my hands on it. Anyone ho knows me will know that this is NOT unlike me......

So instead of new jewellery, you'll have to put up with some more bunny action....Rufus says 'Hi!'!


Lorelei said...

i think that bunny is the cutest!

Lorelei said...

my verification word was rebeept
that's funny!

Cindy said...

So much going on over here on your blog and I'm catching up. Congrats again on your latest publication...can't wait to see it! Your traveling bead tray looks bright, happy, and very practical. And oh my goodness your bunny is ADORABLE. How many do you have - 4? We used to have 3 (Mom, Dad and Baby). We finally lost the Dad, Babycakes, a couple years ago and he live to be almost 14! They were Netherland Dwarfs - the sweetest things. We do have a lot in common!

Jen V. said...

Great news on the greenie bead front...check out www.jenjuddrocks.com. Looking forward to hearing from you with contact info!! :)


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