Monday, 8 August 2011

Hello from the hospital...

....I'm not here for anything bad though, before you ask!
My partner is a doctor and I'm here at her hospital today (in the canteen!) because we came straight from her own hospital appointment this morning. I don't often venture into the personal on this blog but today I will. Helen has MS, fairly recently diagnosed (about 18 months ago) and we go to the neurological centre in Manchester once about every 6 months.

Now, I am the biggest supporter of the NHS. I truly, truly believe in health service, free at the point of delivery. I want to pay taxes so that the poor and needy can get the SAME treatment as I do, regardless of situation and circumstance. I'd be happy to pay more tax for this. We are so fortunate that we live in a country where this is possible; where things may be sometimes slower than ideal (often this is not the case however) but treatment is free at the point of delivery and we do not have added financial worries because of a chronic illness. I cannot imagine living with this on top of the illness itself. But I've got to say, I've been less than enamoured with the treatment Helen has been given since her first point of contact with her gp, in regards to her MS. But doctors are people, and people are human and therefore fallible...such is life. So every appointment feels a little like a battle, and is upsetting for us both, especially Helen who is normally so strong and stoical. Today was only a little battle; a mere digging in of heels on my part (it's a bit of a good cop, bad cop set up, and I'm definitely the bad...) but still, a reminder of that which we don't want to really think about. A scheduled scan for a possible attack which may or may not have been MS, perhaps stress and tiredness. We shall see.

So I'm now at my second hospital of the day, waiting for Helen to finish her own clinic (she is a Urology registrar), over on the Wirral, about an hour away from Manchester. I think when you've had a rough day, it's good to know that somebody you love and who loves you is near, even if you're not together. We shall hopefully go home to some nice food, and an evening in with The Killing (we've hit episode 12, there are 20, and we're thoroughly addicted and are at the stage where staying up all night to see the series through seems like a good option even with work the following day!) and some beads for me. Putting the morning behind us.

Speaking of beads, I never travel without are a few earrings (all Gardane components) I've made during my stay in the canteen. Please note the attractive Formica table...!

These are particularly gorgeous lampworks - you can't really see it in this picture, but the play of light and colour in the beads is beautiful. Thanks Anne!

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steufel said...

Oh Rebecca, so sorry to hear about the illness of your partner! On a lighter note - I LOVE The Killing!

Kristen said...

Oh Helen is so lucky to have you! And I am sure it is probably the other way around too! I will be keeping her in my thoughts regularly so you both can enjoy yourselves and your wonderful life!

TesoriTrovati said...

It is so good that Helen has you on her side! I have friends who have no health care and it is very dicey if they have to go to the hospital. Even if it were slow, and I had to pay more taxes to get it, I wish that Universal health care were a right and not a privilege, as it is in the United States. Thank you for this glimpse into your life, and for your conviction in getting Helen the best treatment.
Enjoy the day!

Green Shoot Jewellery Designs said...

Sorry to hear about Helen, make sure you keep being bad cop and get her everything she needs!
Deb x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Heres hoping that Helen stays well for a long long time hun xx

Lisa said...

I hope Helen gets all the care she needs. I think with you there, at least she will not have to worry. My husband's cousin has MS. She lives in another state and we don't get to see her much, but she also has a lifelong partner that has been by her side throughout this illness and does all she can to help her get the care she needs. From what I hear, MS is an unforgiving illness. So glad Helen has a rock to lean on. Enjoy movie night!! And....your jewelry is beautiful, as always!! :)

Barbara said...

Good for you for being the bad cop! It comes as an honest reaction to seeing our loved ones in pain. Here's to hoping she can get the right care for her.....and I totally agree to the UHP...wish our gov't could get it together on that as well as every other thing....sigh.

lynsey said...

Sending out my best wishes, to your partner Rebecca. You must not feel like the bad Cop though, when we love and care for someone, we fight tooth and nail for their happiness and comfort, that is human nature, and it needs to be done sometimes. I always feel like my Partner is the other half of me, and when my resolve is fading he is there by my side to fight my corner and i am forever grateful for that.

I totally agree with you about the NHS, i haven't had many dealings them, (which i can be thankful for in the sense that i have never been seriously ill, touch wood), I do know of people whom have had bad experiences, (my sister had a couple of shirty midwives at the birth of her son, but on the whole found them to be lovely), but i would happily pay tax to keep this service going, in fact i feel a bit guilty that i don't pay tax currently as i'm a student, but hell they can have my 20% once i start earning again.

Jo said...

Helen is very lucky to have you to help fight for her. I hope the scan results were positive. Sending you both lots of big (((hugs))).

The NHS may be slow at times, but we are so lucky to have them, and its so easy to take them for granted. And when it's an emergency they move at break neck speed! The doctors and nurses who have been treating me are worth their weight in gold, even at today's prices!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Sometimes when we are down having our loved ones fight for us and with us brings us up.I agree I have so many friends with poor or no insurance even a small incidence becomes over whelming. I hope thing go the way you want them to XOXO


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