Friday, 12 August 2011

Sabrina Staub

Meet Sabrina, my Bead Soup Swap Party partner! I am so excited that Lori has paired us together.

Something you don't know about my family is that my Mum used to live in Switzerland, back in the late 60s/early 70s. She worked there before going to university and then went back to work for the summers inbetween her university semesters. She lived and worked in Zurich (sorry, I don't know how to create an umlaut on my keyboard!) and still has lots of friends in Switzerland round that area. We used to visit quite often (every 2 or 3 years) when I was growing up as Mum had, and still has such strong connections. I haven't been since I was 18 (12 years! Horrifique! I'm so old...) Mum, sister and my partner and I are holidaying in Zurich and Valatta (a small alpine town just outside Zurich) in September.

So when I had an email from Sabrina in Basel, I was over the moon! How wonderfully serendipitous. We may even manage a meet up when I go over, depending on our schedule (which will be dictated mainly by my Mum, she has bad arthritis and her mobility is often poor) as Basel in the next canton over from Zurich. I am excited! Emailing Sabrina has also given me a chance to practice my German....which I love but am NOT good at. My Mum is fluent (still!) in Swiss-German and I used to speak a very little when I was wee but it is long forgotten now. So I've been trying to write some of my emails in German whenever I have contacted Sabrina. Good practice indeed!

Another reason I'm so thrilled about this swap is that Sabrina is a pretty awesome lampwork artist. How totally fab! Anyone who has ever read this blog before will know I adore lampwork beads and have a bit of an addiction.....her work is stunning; cool and clean and colourful, and really, really beautiful. 

Check out her blog, her website and her DaWanda shop. I hope you are all as lucky as I am with your swap partners!

Here's a sneak peek of what will be in the post tomorrow......x x x


Heidi said...

You may have pixilated it, but you can't disguise your favorite color! lol :) That is a really weird and wonderful coincidence about Sabrina. I hope you will get to meet her when you're in the neighborhood. I'm gonna go check out her blog now.

Sabrina said...

Hi Rebecca,

thank you so much for the lovely post about me and my Beads;O) I am also very excited to have you as my BSBP Partner, its great to get in touch with artist from all over the world and I love allreasy the colors of the picilated picture;OD

Jo said...

Sabrina makes gorgeous beads -you lucky girl!

My Life Under the Bus said...

That is so awesome - my bead partner and I share a birthday - how strange is that? You must be doing a happy dance!


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