Friday, 26 August 2011

My first vlog

Feeling inspired by Malin's brilliant Swedish lesson, I decided to try my hand at vlogging. I am so rubbish with technology, I don't know how to trim these thing down, plus I'm doing it all on my iPad. So it's a wee bit long, feel free not to stick with it if you don't want to! My mum and sister were asleep in the rooms next door so if I don't sound particularly excited, it's just because I'm trying to keep my voice down :-)

I'm allergic to my Mum's cats so sorry about the sniffing! Hopefully I'll have a go at this another time; if this embedding works, it's pretty easy. If it doesn't I'll have to try another tack...might try a beading tutorial next time. Anything anyone would like to see?

Anyway, it's 2.04am here and I must go to sleep. Night night! X

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Heidi Post said...

Oh I'm so glad you made a vlog! I love Malin's Swedish lessons, and I enjoy Lorelei's videos too. But (and I know she's Welsh, or at least playing Welsh on Torchwood), you sound just like Eve Myles! I love your accent!!!

I can't believe you have a whole tub of just Miss Fickle Media stuff! Wow! I am seriously envious. And there was your lovely Moogin poppy! I really mean it, if you still have that other necklace available, I still want it. And if not, I'll see what you make with the one you showed us (or the other one I saw in the background).

Your childhood room was great -- all the pictures on the wall & your art and Queen. My childhood rooms are long gone, but at least I have some pictures of how ridiculous they got (decor-wise).

Please keep up your Vlogs, who cares if you can't edit them. Haha, my boyfriend just came up and asked if I wanted him to make a video of me beading. Maybe after I have more than like, 5 artbeads to show off!


Gardanne said...

So nice to hear your Scottish accent, have a wonderful visit with your family.

Lorelei Eurto said...

OH FUN!!! i love vlogs. i would have liked to see your face though! but maybe next time! I loooove that Moogin bead you showed, and I LOVED those little blue bins. how perfect are they for travel! and thanks for mentioning me, that was a nice surprise too! :)

Unknown said...

Awww what a cute voice you have with your accent :) Looks like you have a pretty sweet bag of beads, wow! I really enjoyed your vlog!

xo Genea

Malin de Koning said...

Oh Rebecca! That was wonderful! I loved every second of it. And I started laughing when you brought out your second travelling bead bag. I thought the first one was pretty amazing. How typical that it wasn't enough for you ... :-)

Fantastic Art bead collection. It was very nice to be taken through that, even if semi-briefly. I am inspired to do something similar now.

You have a beautiful voice and a cute cute scottish accent of course. So you play chello too - lovely!

Please do more vlogs!!

Next time I also wanna see your face.

steufel said...

Ohhhh, that was so cool! And can I please get the Missflickle box? And the big one later in the vlog - too? I would send a bunch of milka-chocolate instead:-)

Barbara Bechtel said...

Oh, I loved it! So fun! I expected you to sound more Scottish perhpaps! I hope you'll do more! You and Malin have inspired me to do more vlogs!

Unknown said...

OMG Rebecca I loved this! First I want to tell you I would love to visit your hope as my great great grandmother is from Scotland. Your voice is so incredibly sweet and of course I am totally jealous of your travel stash! I love Shannon and Erins work so much. I think you said that there is a lampwork artist from there? Could you send me a link to her shop if she has one?

Thank you so much this was a bright spot of my day!

Hugs Always!

I LOVE color! said...

That is just too cute. when I clicked on your VLOG I first thought you had changed the
B to V to indicate you were in the path of Irene the hurricane
Be Blesssed to be blessing

Jo said...

So lovely to hear your voice! I agree though, next time we need to see your face as well please!
You have some lovely treasures in your boxes, and you look just as organised as I am! Those blue boxes are great, aren't they? And good value too. I keep my findings in them.


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