Saturday 27 November 2010

Where have I been???

My goodness, almost a month since I have blogged! I am way behind with all my plans for this little space. They are temporarily put on hold whilst I juggle my full time college vocal studies course, part time school teaching job, private singing lessons and beading commitments. Needless to say, I'm fairly shattered at the moment. The last few weeks, I've left the house every day before 7.30am and not got back till after 10. Not fun! I was hoping this week would be a bit easier but due to a concert postponement (power cut at the venue 45 minutes before we were due to go on...) that's two more of my evenings wiped out for this week. One of the things keeping me so busy is my college production of Carmen, we are in intensive rehearsal mode right now and will be until we open on the 5th December. I can't wait till we're in production! We're all sold out for the entire run and have been for ages (I'm just in the chorus but the principal cast are absolutely amazing!) but if you ever get the chance to see this fantastic opera then take it! It's sometimes considered the first musical; it's a real showbiz piece with love, death and high drama throughout! And some very beautiful music of course.

With the little time I've had for beading, I've been working on my Beads and Beyond projects. Here's the latest issue of the mag and I will pop back he later and add a picture of my project - Berries and Bling. 

***Here it is!! Not the loveliest picture as I took it on the not very attractive beige carpet we have in my flat. Yuck! I'd love to get it changed at some point - I'm not the biggest fan of beige in any context and especially not in carpet!***

I love the names the team come up with for my projects! So much better than any of my efforts would be. I was particularly pleased with the clasp I made myself - I have no metal smithing skills but with a little wire wrapping I came up with this pretty toggle clasp using a Vintaj birdie. I love making my own components for larger pieces and it's amazing what you can do with a little wire and some beads. 

Hope you are all well and enjoying the weekend - it's turned very chilly in the last few days - 1 degree c this afternoon! - so I am curled up with my iPad next to the fire. At last a chance to catch up with the beads!

Tuesday 2 November 2010

101st Post!!

Hey! I didn't even notice that the last one was 100! And I now have 107 followers....seriously, you guys are more than I ever hoped for when I started this little blog. I have to admit, I struggled with it at first - seemed a little narcissistic to me initially (anyone else have similar thought about blogging ever?) even though I really loved reading other folks' blogs so much. But I think I've got into the swing of it now and the best bit has been meeting so many lovely folk and making so many wonderful friends, across the waters on both sides. It's a lovely way to assemble one's thoughts, and share the big and the small with others I think. celebrate all of these things, I'm going to be having a giveaway. But before I can do that, I have to organise a truly spectacular prize! No pressure there Rebecca! WATCH THIS SPACE for a box of goodies looking for a new home.....

Until then I'm going to share my British Bead Awards piece - finally! It seems like years since I sent my necklace, Indian Summer, away for judging. I was long-listed, then short-listed and although I didn't make the top three, my piece was displayed alongside some really spectacular bead work at The Big Bead Show in Surrey this past weekend. Here are a few shots for your perusal...

I don't have a good one of the whole piece; I really struggled with the light on this one but maybe another day I'll manage to capture it. I love it but see a lot of imperfections. Or maybe they are just things I'd do differently if I did it all again; who knows. I was very proud of her for getting as far as she did! Congratulations to all the award winners and finalists - there were some really amazing pieces in the display and I came away full of awe and admiration! Hope your week has been filled with such things too.


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