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I am a jewellery designer and creator from the UK - I live on the north coast of Edinburgh, a city I returned to a few years ago after living in England and Northern Ireland for many years.  I have been making jewellery since I was a little girl and young enough to thread beads! My Grandma and Mum both passed on a great love of crafting and creating from a young age and I hope I'll be able to pass it on to my own children as they grow. 

I started bead weaving when a teenager and during my 20s expanded my repertoire to include wire work, bead embroidery and silversmithing. I have an online shop currently based on Etsy and sell my bespoke, one-of-a-kind work at craft fairs and art markets nationwide. The name Songbead came about from my two professions - as well as a jeweller, I used to be a classical singer. I feel very fortunate to live a life that has been filled with art and music at various points over the years.

My real passion lies with Art Beads. Art Beads are individually hand crafted beads, made by highly skilled artisans. When I select an Art Bead, I know that I am using either a one of a kind piece, or one that has been part of a small batch of beads. I know that the jewellery I create will, in turn, be an individual piece of art, which tells its own story with the pieces it is built from – be that a raku ceramic house from Finland, a handcast pewter bird from New York, or a hand torched glass focal from Edinburgh. I find these miniature pieces of art inspirational – I hope you do too! 

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Unknown said...

I adore your work, it's so original. And if you ever hold a workshop in Norfolk UK - then I'll be on it!

Off to drool some more of your blog psots and links


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