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I am a jewellery designer and creator from the UK - I live in Manchester, England but my heart is still in Scotland where I grew up. I have been making jewellery since I was a little girl and young enough to thread beads! My Grandma and Mum both passed on a great love of crafting and creating from a young age. I started bead weaving when a teenager and during my 20s expanded my repertoire to include wire work, bead embroidery and a little metal work. I have taught classes in beading since 2007 at The Bead Shop, Manchester and been published in several beading magazines since 2009. I am now a regular contributor to Beads and Beyond, a beautiful jewellery design publication, and am looking forward to teaching on a national level at The Big Bead Show in late 2012. I have two online shops, songbead.etsy.com and songbead.folksy.com and sell my work at craft fairs and in boutiques nationwide. I am also fortunate enough to be a contributor to Art Bead Scene - a fabulous blog filled with post after post of beautiful inspiration. I won't be giving up the teaching anytime soon though - I love it and get so much inspiration from my pupils. The name Songbead came about from my two professions - as well as a beader, I am a classical singer. I feel very fortunate to live a life filled with art and music. 

My real passion lies with Art Beads. Art Beads are individually hand crafted beads, made by highly skilled artisans. When I select an Art Bead, I know that I am using either a one of a kind piece, or one that has been part of a small batch of beads. I know that the jewellery I create will, in turn, be an individual piece of art, which tells its own story with the pieces it is built from – be that a raku ceramic house from Finland, a handcast pewter bird from New York, or a hand torched glass focal from Edinburgh. I find these miniature pieces of art inspirational – I hope you do too! 

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Unknown said...

I adore your work, it's so original. And if you ever hold a workshop in Norfolk UK - then I'll be on it!

Off to drool some more of your blog psots and links


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