Wednesday 16 October 2019

New larger beaded beads

Something new has landed in The Curious Bead Shop!

I've been selling my 10mm handwoven beads for sometime now, and I love playing around with the different colours of seed beads available (you may have seen my new Crunchy Leaves Autumn collection which I launched last month). Recently, I was approached by a customer with a request for larger beaded beads, which is something I do in fact already make for my own jewellery - so I have decided to make them available in the shop. I've started with a small range of 8 different colours - inspired by sea view sunsets - most of these colours are already available in the 10mm size but Frosted Mauve is a brand new tone. 

These chunky beads are made using 3mm glass seed beads rather than my usual 2mm beads, and measure approximately 16mm in diameter in comparison with my standard handwoven beads which are approximately 10mm. You can see the two sizes side by side above for comparison. I really love the rustic, colourful character they bring to a piece - there's something incredibly fun and playful about them in this size. I also think they work really well with larger ceramic and lampwork glass beads - not just aesthetically, but because the centre of them is wood, they aren't too heavy. 

Don't worry if you are not a jewellery maker - below are a few of my designs featuring these larger beaded beads, so you can get your hands on them ready to wear. And if you are a jewellery maker, hopefully these will give you some inspiration for your own pieces. I've just shared bracelets here but I think they would also look fab in a simply strung necklace and could be a real statement piece! 


Golden Glow

Tuesday 1 October 2019

FLASH SALE at The Curious Bead Shop!

Just a very quick post to say I'm having a FLASH SALE in The Curious Bead Shop today - it's the first of the month so why not? 25% off (almost) everything today - sale will run until 10.30am tomorrow morning (UK summertime). Head over to The Curious Bead Shop now!


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