Friday, 31 May 2013

A new necklace

Feeling beachy, summery and in the mood for an adventure.....

How about you? Featuring pendant by Heather Millican's gorgeous polymer and Kylie Parry's ceramic discs. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Spot the beads!

What bead artists can you spot in this shot? Whoever spots the most will win a super secret prize.....

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Some Jewellery Instagrams

Back to work today after the long weekend. We had fun! Hope you did too. Packing up some Curious orders, and taking some long-awaited photos of jewellery. Still working my way through.....there is a huge pile of stuff that I've made over the past 6 months that hasn't quite made it to my camera.....and it's time I remedied that! So that's what I'm doing. These will be heading to my etsy shop later. 

China Blue


Bold Whispers


Blue Skies

Lemon Grove

Flower Power

Sea Garden

Water World


Friday, 24 May 2013

Getting Out the Bunting - Craft Fair at The Woodstock this Saturday

Craft Fair at The Woodstock Arms, Manchester
Sunday 25th May 1pm - 5pm
139 Barlow Moor Road, West Didsbury

I will be there with new designs and old favourites aplenty! If you are local I'd love to see you - why not pop down for a pint? Family friendly, complete with plenty of space both inside and out. It's time to get out the bunting again.....

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Art Market Directory

Check out my new profile on The Art Market Directory! This site runs in correlation to the Art Market at Holmfirth, which I am taking part in next month on the 22nd and 23rd June. Love the website - it looks really awesome but was very easy for me to input my information, and so easy to update whenever I want to change up the pictures.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Forthcoming Songbead Jewellery Events

No posts all month and then two in two days! I wanted to let you know where you can check out and pick up some Songbeads in person over the next month. I have three events coming up in the North West of England. {And whilst I was at it, I updated my Forthcoming Events here too! You can always click here to see where you can find me and my jewellery in person}.

First up is this Saturday, at infamous local pub and venue, The Woodstock Arms. It is quite literally at the end of my road, and one of our local haunts, so I thought it'd be rude not to join in! The Woodstock is a big old Edwardian building, really gorgeous in itself, but along with hosting a local craft and design fair this Saturday 25th May, it serves good homemade food and drink. It always has a great range of both beer and wine (which keeps me AND Helen happy) and there's a lovely beer garden for those sunny occasions (and outside heaters I believe, for those less sunny occasions!). It's a lovely place to come with your whole family at the weekend and I'd love to see you there.

Next up is a regular fair of mine, Magpies and I in Altrincham, on the 16th June. Magpies is always a fun day out, with an eclectic mix of stalls - craft and vintage but also lots of local produce and delicious tasty treats. There's always someone and something new to be seen, and I do a lot of my birthday and general gift shopping there - you can always find the perfect something for whoever you're looking for. And often, that funky little knick-knack you never knew you needed......

And the last of my North-Westerly (in an English sense, at any rate) events, is the Holmfirth Art Market, in West Yorkshire, just off Huddersfield Road. which I'm excited to be making my debut at on the 22nd and 23rd of June this year. It happens over two concurrent weekends in June, with two completely different sets of artisans at each event. I'm part of the first weekend, which takes part on Saturday 22nd 8pm - 10pm and Sunday 23rd 10am - 4pm. I can't wait! The quality on show here looks absolutely stunning, and I am excited to be a part of such a talented and eclectic collection of artisans. 

So there you have. If you are a local and an arts and crafts lover, then these are the events for you! And I would, of course, love to see you at one or all. I will be working hard to make sure I am fit to bursting with stock for each of these! And also because I have a very special 3-week event coming up this summer......details of that to follow.....Edinburgh festival, watch this space......!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Where have I been.....?.......California...!

Back this morning and off to school to teach tomorrow. Wanted to share a quick or not-so-quick photo rundown of the trip (of a lifetime). We are sad to be home - what an awesome time was had! Will share more details in time. It's good to be back on the blog :-)


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