Thursday 12 September 2019

September Song - a new mini-collection

A new mini-collection has hit the shop! I don't always work in this way - creating themed collections of pieces - but for the new month and new season, I decided to have a play in this way, and I am pretty pleased with the results! 

I began by collecting together a selection of my beloved handmade art beads - ceramics, lampwork glass, polymer, even a few metals thrown in there too. Most of these beads have been in my collection for years, and so it is a real treat to work with them - and about time too! I haven't really added to my art bead collection at all since the end of my pregnancy, but rediscovering these pieces is just as wonderful as discovering new pieces. 

Within the collection, there are definite groupings although there is of course some overlap between them all. Firstly, a soft, Summer-turning-gently-to-Autumn collection of tonal greens, bronze and topaz. Perfect for the new season, but fresh enough to be worn all year round. (I am a great lover of ALL the colours ALL year round, but I know many folk enjoy having special pieces for each season.) These are playful yet gentle, soft yet fresh and I love the simple, natural feel that they have. 

Autumn Walk


September Song


Woodland Wander

Next came the metallics. Only a few pieces here, and I am still working on a couple in this palette as it's one I adore. Warm, slightly oxidised coppers tone perfectly with deep, steely-grey silvers and warm rusts. These dive straight into the heart of Autumn and the earlier nights we are already having - the low light of a dusky evening, and the steely grey mornings we are often having here in Edinburgh. This palette will take you right through Winter and keep some warmth with you in the coldest months. 


La Vie Boheme


Lastly, a summer throwback - perhaps our traditional Autumnal Second Summer? Here's hoping - I like all the sunshine and heat that Edinburgh can throw at me, which isn't always much! Just along the sea path at the front of my house there is a slightly untamed grassy area. We only moved to our new flat in May and the walk along the sea front is one of my favourite things about living here. At one of the corners I pass daily grows a beautiful Buddleia, which has bloomed all summer in a glorious range of purples from lavender and lilac through to warmer, pinkier shades. It smells glorious and attracts a lot of beautiful butterflies and I have enjoyed passing it often over the past few months. Even on the coldest of current days, it is a shot of summer whenever I walk past it. These pieces are inspired by this tree and the summery feelings it invokes, whatever the weather.




Which piece is your favourite? Which colour palette are you drawn to most, and do you go for seasonal colour changes or embrace them all, all the year round? 


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