Monday 26 October 2009

Ceiba Pictures

I know I only blogged yesterday - and TWICE!! - but I thought I really should put up some pictures of the Ceiba species in real life. See my first blog entry yesterday for my designs inspired by this beautiful species.

As usual, I have just pinched these from the web; so if it's yours and you'd like me to take it down, just say! I have used your pic because I like it!


Andrew Thornton said...

Do these grow in Hawaii? I feel like I've seen something similar to them if not.

Rebecca said...

I wouldn't be surprised if you were right; they are found in Mexico, Central and South America, The Bahamas, Belize and the Caribbean, West Africa, and Southeast Asia according to Wikipedia so it would make sense if there were some in Hawaii. The woman I designed it for is 2nd generation South American and has just had a little baby girl called Ceiba hence the commission from her lovely husband!

Malin de Koning said...

Fantastic trees Rebecca! Thanks for sharing.


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