Friday, 10 September 2010

Folksy Friday

One of my very favourite things in the WHOLE WORLD is a cup of Earl Grey tea - not too strong, a generous amount of milk, hopefully skimmed, but not too much. One of the lovely things we did for our wedding was to ask everybody to bring along a tea cup and a side or dinner plate which they had purchased from a charity shop, to eat their cake and drink their tea or coffee from. A twist on the traditional wedding china, which isn't really 'us'. And oh my, we have some absolutely beautiful pieces! Very vintage shabby-chic. I will share some photos of these with you another time but I thought that today's Folksy Friday should be 'cup of tea' themed. 

I especially love the petal tea cup candle - these are the colours our new kitchen will be! Did I mention we are in the process of moving house? Three weeks after the wedding we got the keys and I start a new full time college course in two weeks whilst keeping working in schools teaching singing?! Oh, it's been a busy summer and I don't anticipate it stopping! All good things though.

Do you guys have a favourite drink? I bet loads of you are coffee drinkers! Not my bag although I absolutely love the smell of freshly ground coffe beans - delicious! But it's Earl Grey all the way for me. Enjoy your Fridays and the weekend to come - I'm going to be spending it moving more boxes into our new flat!


Aleximo said...

Thankyou for including my tea cup ring *^_^* I really love those tea cup candles xXx

TheMadHouse said...

Thank you ever so much for including me, I really appreicate it. I am a tea drinker through and through, but do love the smell of coffee.

Malin de Koning said...

A cuppa! You just can't beat it, can you. Especially if it is Earl Grey. Also my favourite. Or PG. We have to go to the English shop to buy PG here in Stockholm though.

What a nice idea with the cups and plates for your wedding. Looking forward to see some photos of that.

LUCY said...

Que curioso.....ideas fantasticas.....


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