Sunday 13 February 2011

Messing around with Picnik

Thanks to Heather of Humblebeads (a new beady obsession!), I have recently discovered, a photo editing website. Now, photography is not something that comes easy to me (especially when my camera is lost...!) as you probably gather if you have read my blog before - my photos are definitely hit and miss! More often somewhere in between the two, but I know it's something I have to work at. A course one day, perhaps....when time and money permit! I'm also not the most techno-savvy of folk either - I'm only 29 but somehow I feel like the lost generation when it comes to computers and the like - I did a little computer work at school but my pupils are much more au fait with such things I think. And even my Mum (60) seems to know her way round her computer and camera at least, more comfortably than I do, maybe because she had to start from scratch in her own time. Perhaps that little bit of knowledge I received at school was a dangerous thing...I can't be bothered to learn any more! But I'm getting there, slowly but surely. 

So, getting around Picnik hasn't been very easy for me (I'm sure it is really, just not for me!) but today I have come up with a couple of collages of recent pieces! And I'm pretty pleased with them. I have often wondered how folk on other blogs managed such things and now I have too - hurrah! Let me know what you think - of the jewellery and of the collages!

Gaea ceramic beads, vintage czech glass and mocha lace ribbon

You  can see I started playing around with inserting the text after I made that first collage. I couldn't work out how to go back and re-edit it! And couldn't be bothered to upload and re-do....see what I mean about my bad attitude?! 

I'm feeling inspired by out latest spate of givewaways in our wee beady community (Lori and Malin in particular), I'm going to offer up the best type of prize....beads! anyone who can come up with some names for these three pieces. I am rubbish with naming my titles as I find the balance between charming and vomit-inducingly cheesy a hard one to strike. So, leave me some names...nothing too corny...I'll pick my faves and post you out some beady goodness from my far too vast collection! 

Hope you are all having a great weekend! x x x

PS I've recently become obsessed with vintage lace ribbon and did that happen???!!! I don't need anything else to hoard!!


Lois Moon said...

I must say, I'm also terrible at naming, but maybe a syllable or two will start you down the right path. In order of the pics, my suggestions are: Dewdrop Bluebird, Fire & Ice, Morning on the Fijord. Ok, stop giggling. Actually, you don't have to because I'm still gigling.

Beautiful work. I've got my own bag of 80 yards of sari silk. All hot, vibrant colors. I've been tying it around everything I wear lately.

Sissy and Jack's said...

I too find myself computer challenged and at 49 I get my 10 yr old to help me out!
Picnik has helped me and have you tried the edit features where you can add softness and frames? Did you do the collages on there? They look terrific.
How about "Blue Bird Soaring"?


Cathryn said...

I absolutely loved that last piece--and kept thinking of The Harolds of Spring! Of course when I thought about it, I realized that could be for all three pieces--the Harolds of Spring Collection! lol

I am pretty good on a computer and with my camera--but I cannot use a cell phone. I don't have one and don't plan on getting one either. I'd be so lost--I still haven't figured out how to load up music to my FUZE MP3 player! lol

steufel said...

I'm always struggling with my camera -it tooks so many shots and most of the time I'm not satisfied withthe results. Love your new pieces. and my suggestion for the last one? delicate amazone!

My Life Under the Bus said...

OMG I just oredered from Gaea AND Humble Beads WIERD!!! I have become obsessed with sari silk and must get some in the next week or I will go crazy. I love picknic but it's such a huge time drain I only do it in spurts. I love your new creations!

Niina said...

Redecca I love your new creations, those vintage lace ribbons are so beautiful and all those lovely keramic beads :D Happy Valentine's day.

Heidi Post said...

I love them all! For some reason, the white cube in the second one just makes me think of paneer. The red is pretty reminiscent of curry, which could lend itself to some Indian food inspired name. But like you, I can't name my stuff either. It always feels ridiculous. I think I'd have to name something after something else - a song, a quote, Indian food, lol ;)


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