Thursday, 14 July 2011

Some resin work

So, I'm very excited that on Saturday, I'll be teaching The Bead Shop, Manchester's first Vintaj class. They have recently started stocking Vintaj stock (much to my absolute delight, as you can imagine!) but as it's not so well established over here as a brand, being American and all, I'm running a workshop in some of the many, many wonderful things you can do with Vintaj findings. Some of you may remember my recent obsession with stamping (still love it but not compelled to make several stamped pendants/earrings a day anymore - phew! It was getting expensive!). I started (tentatively) resining back in November after getting a free sample of diamond glaze at the Big Bead Show. I've dabbled on and off since then -and yes, I know it's not 'proper' resin! I'm lazy and like that I don't have to mix it. It's also perfect for a class - or as perfect as resin can get in such circumstances. Everyone will get a box to take pieces home as they certainly won't be fully set, but they'll be set enough for transportation. I'm really excited about this class but a little nervous too - it's a new class, it's workshop style which is a new angle for me, and it's in The Bead Shop's new workshop, which I haven't even visited yet! Keep your fingers crossed for me. I absolutely love teaching though, so of course, mostly I'm just looking forward to it :-)

Here are tonight's efforts:

A close up on some of my faves:

Still experimenting with the old iPhone 4 camera, can't get much closer than that at the moment!

And here's me, looking tired but happy! And check out our kitchen wallpaper. Much awesomeness, no?

My nose looks awfully weird here but I hope that's just the phone....I totally hate photos of myself so I'm going to try and take more, and force/encourage myself to look at my face more! And be less vain. Not quite ready for the full length shots yet though.....

Hope you are all having a healthy and happy Thursday.

Ps anyone going to see Harry Potter tomorrow??

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Heidi Post said...

Love the little red & blue resin ones :) Congrats on teaching your class! I know you'll do wonderfully!!!

Pretty Things said...

I love the red and blue, too!

OK -- I need to just pull out the resin this weekend.

Anonymous said...

This is excellent news! Congratulations! I'm hoping over to their website now to check out their Vintaj stuff (which I love).

Going to see Harry Potter tomorrow, very excited! I'm stealing Anthony's scarf too as its very Gryffindor.

steufel said...

congrats & good luck for the workshop. I'd love to be there. And your resin pieces are awesome! have to give resin another try- I'm always shying away from that product...

Malin de Koning said...

Oh I wish I could come to your course. That would be so awesome!

And resin - your new items look so great.

TesoriTrovati said...

Fun! I would love to have opportunities to teach. That is a great thing.
And I will most certainly go see Harry Potter when the initial fervor has died down.
My 13 year old son convinced me that he should go to the midnight showing with his friend and older high school sisters. He said it was the best one. And that he needs a nap today.
Enjoy the day!

Lisa said...

Have a great time teaching your class, I know your students will learn so much. Resin looks like fun, something you can really put your own personality into. I would love to try it one day. Can't wait to see what jewelry pieces you create with the ones on that plate. I love them all. Still nursing my old back, it's some better, but still not great. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Have a great weekend!

Barbara Bechtel said...

Good luck on your class! I know it will be a hit! ..and it's lovely to see the face behind the songbead!...i think we all need to take more photos of's a bit of a way to document our lives.

My Life Under the Bus said...

A.Oh what fun!!! You should try UV resin - dries in 5 minutes! Then you can get on with the party! : )

B The wall paper is fabulous!
C. I never realized how much you look like Alex Kingston !!!

( )


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