Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Some beady awesomeness....

Some gorgeous beady goodness that's on it's way to me soon.....

Radiant Mind (seriously, aren't these the most amazingly interesting lampwork bead finishes you've ever seen? I've got another shot further down too, just astonishing that these are glass!)

Flame Crazy (pretty, shiny, fun, with a Christmas - New Year sale on - what's not to love? :-))

I Make Beads (loved these the first time I bought them, I will definitely be making some Valentine's goodies with these!)

Time and Materials (I have plans for these including some newly purchased Gilder's Paste...)

Bobbi This N That (aren't these just the most amazing and unusual shape?)

more Radiant Mind (fit...!)

ChelleV2 (thanks Malin!)

Tesoritrovati Trovati (I've had this little man in my Etsy cart for goodness knows how long, so I thought it only right that I finally purchase him!)

Miss Fickle Media (The holy Grail of artisan findings and metal work. Welcome back Miss Shannon!)

What's arrived/arriving soon with you?

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1 comment:

lynsey said...

OOOh Rebecca what a gorgeous bounty. I wish i could say that i have many lovelies winging their way to me too, but unfortunately funds are low at the moment. No doubt i'll be spending the student loan on metals when it drops in in January
Can't wait!!


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