Saturday, 14 April 2012

Song-beading on the train

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...quite literally. I'm off down to London for a week of rehearsals of some musical theatre (think contemporary classical rather than broadway!) and am trying to stick some of the music in my head on the way down! I have real difficulties memorising music so it's always a particularly challenging part of the process. Here's a sweet bracelet I made a while back, posed on the music!

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Malin de Koning said...

Very sweet indeed!

Lisa Cone - Inspired Adornments said...

So pretty! I've been in a purple mood lately so this completely appeals to me.

Jo said...

That is so lovely!

Lori Anderson said...


JennyBudd said...

Really love this, it's beautiful! Will look out for it on Etsy, hope you have a wonderful time in London!

My Life Under the Bus said...

I too have been playing with the purple This is a beauty!


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