Tuesday, 30 October 2012

more pretty jewellery

I'm preparing for The Handmade Show in Perth, this coming Sunday (4th November). Hot on the heels of this are 6 other events between now and Christmas, so I am trying to stock up as much as possible! I have a mixture of events - a couple of open house events, 2 local fairs, Perth, and then a fair down in London on the 22nd - a totally new venue for me. It can be a bit of a guessing game, thinking what to create for such a mixture of events....so I'm trying to make sure I have lots, or at least some(!) of everything. Here are some of the new pieces I've made in the past few days.




Vintage Circus

I keep promising that items will appear in my etsy shop and failing to deliver - apologies. Light is a nightmare at the moment (if it's not horribly overcast, it's raining...), and we are in the midst of having our floorboards sanded (taking much longer than estimated.....) so setting up anything in the house is not practical right now. In fact, the only place to sit, be, work, is on/in the bed. Not ideal! But hopefully soon things will be back to normal....just in time for the Christmas craft fair rush.....! Hallow's Eve Eve all.


Alice said...

Wow, seven events in the near future! And here I am stressing over the two I have coming up.

Your pieces are lovely. I love each and every design and I know you'll do well in all the events.

SueBeads said...

Oh, I love all your pieces but really love the first and second ones!

Mellisa said...

So beautiful! Love them all and I'm sure you'll be a hit at the events :)

Eve Smith said...

Hoping to pop along to the perth show, keep on saying i'm going to do apply to do this fair, but never get around to it, I have a exhibition in Wales coming up in a few weeks, so busy making for this, plus other xmas fairs, just trying to fit it all in, need more hours in the day, hope it all goes well, and hopefully might see you in Perth, :-)

AntiquityTravelers said...

your pieces are stunning! so organic and beautiful in their simplicity of focuses on those gorgeous stones, pearls and metals. I LOVE your Aztec piece WOW are those beads superb!


I love your style, I love all these pieces!
ciao dall'Italia

elise said...

Wow, you are going to be busy! I am only managing one holiday show, myself.

Your pieces are amazing, so beautiful :) Good luck with your shows!

Pretty Things said...

Oh, I want "whispers" really, really badly --- did you sell it?


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