Monday 11 March 2013

Facebook Appreciation Sale!

Well, I just stopped by my Facebook page and was astounded to spot that I have hit 1,200 likers on my business page. WOW. I really am bowled over! I know that not every liker will ever visit my page after popping by and clicking the 'Like' button (we are all guilty of that at times - at least, I know I am!), but I love the direct and immediate communication you can have with friends, admirers and customers via- Facebook. It's different from this blog, which I wouldn't be without - and ultimately, probably prefer - but I do love that it's so easy to stop by Facebook, quickly update my status, post a photo, and then get immediate feedback from the ether. Here, conversations can be had - my writing is (at times!) more considered, it's more of a journal. I can look back over old posts and see how my work has changed and developed.....I love that. It's a great landing pad. But if this is a landing pad, then Facebook is a busy town centre - there are innumerable people, but you can bump into anyone and everyone in the space of a day!

Anyway, to celebrate, and to thank my Likers - both on Facebook and here on my trusty landing pad of a blog :-) - I am having a FLASH sale in my jewellery shop. 15% off from now through until the end of Wednesday 13th if you use coupon code FB1200 at check out. I have so many other pretties ready to be photographed and put in the shop, and I'd love to say that I will have them in tomorrow, but alas, I have sooooo many looming magazine deadlines, along with teaching commitments, that I fear that this will not be the case. I will do my best however! Here are just a few of the items you could snag a great deal with, with this coupon code, if you act quickly.

Thank you everyone for your fantastic support! I appreciate every single one of you :-)


steufel said...

Congrats on the 1200! And I'm love "Happiness"

fairiesmarket said...

I'm a BIG fan so congratulations!!!

If you have any resources you can share on knot tying would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to make a chaplet but it's not coming out right.


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