Thursday 4 July 2013

FLASH SALE in The Curious Bead Shop!

Morning everyone! The Curious Bead Shop, my supply shop baby, really needs a new order of beads in, but I need to make a little bit of room in there first. I want to get in new shapes and styles, as well as do a bit of a restock of old faves. In order to help this along, I'm having a two day FLASH SALE today and tomorrow (3rd and 4th July). Take 15% off all orders over £15 using coupon code RAININJULY15 (yes, it is pretty grim here in Manchester! Overcast and rainy. Boo!) at

I have a few ideas of new beads I'D like to have in stock, but I'd love to hear what you would like to see too! Leave me any ideas, wishes and beady desires in the comments :-) Or hop over to Facebook and join in the fun there. 

Happy shopping!

*Please note that coupon codes are not valid with reserved or custom orders. Thank you for you understanding!*

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