Thursday 2 July 2015

Colour Shot Bracelets

A new design from me, featuring my handwoven {song}beads. I have patterns which I'm happy with for these in a few sizes now, and these are my largest of these so far - just over 12mm diameter each, and probably around 20 minutes to make per bead, if the win is in the right direction! They are lovely and tactile, but still light - thanks to the wood centre, the 

I love how these designs just focus on COLOUR. My main passion I think, when it comes down to it, in design. You just can't beat it for inspiration and JOY. One of the blogs which I follow belongs to the amazing artist and entrepreneur Kelly Rae Roberts, and one of her themes and now courses that she offers is the #WearYourJoy Project. I've not taken the course, but I love the idea, and it resonates with me and how I feel about colour. 

You can find these bracelets for sale here


sasha + max studio said...

So lovely, Rebecca, the graduated colour is superb.

Unknown said...

I love the ombre look of these.

Adaptable Kay said...

Those new bracelet designs of yours are so unique! I really love your use with color in both pieces and those beads are incredible! They're just so cool, I hope one day I'll be able to make beads like that :D


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