Friday, 9 October 2015

Jana Filípková's Astonishing Beads

I told you the other day that I had to share some of the most especially awesome beads that I've bought over the past few months with you - some lampwork glass from Jana Filípková. 

This set, specifically. Aren't they amazing? The detailing, the depth of pattern and colour. I recently made my first lampwork beads and honestly, I can't quite fathom these at all. They are simply astonishing.

I snagged this set a few months ago, and I couldn't believe them when they arrived. Jana describes her work as 'painted' with glass stringer, which of course they are (painted with MOLTEN GLASS) but what I love about the butterflies (see?!) in both of these sets is that they have such an illustrative quality to them. Really, it would be amazing to even be able to 'draw' a crude butterfly with little or no style with 0.5mm molten glass stringer, but to be able to create a drawing with such style and character - well, my mind is blown. I've used 2 of the large petalled vocals, but I haven't quite worked up to any of the butterflies from either set yet. Bead intimidation...

This set is on its way to me. Just look at those colours....throw in a little turquoise and I'm in Autumnal-platte heaven. I'll let you know when they arrive!

Oh, and by the way, whilst writing this post I realised that Jana also has an etsy shop! I know that Facebook auctions are 'the thing' these days, but I love an online shop. Nice to have fixed prices and be able to stroll through sold items too. 

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Shai Williams said...

Thanks for the introduction to a new artist. Just wish she had more up in her Etsy shop.


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