Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Pictures, not words - some new jewellery

Oh hey there!

 It's late here, and I'm about to go to bed, but I just wanted to stop by with a quick post before slinking off to bed. I have been having a browse through my blog this evening, clicking through those links at the bottom of each post (if you like this, you'll love this post etc!), which seem to take you on a bit of blog time-travel. It's nice to remind yourself where you've come from and what you were doing and making 4 or 5 years ago. I also enjoyed the variety of types of posts which I have written over the years, and it made me think of the very lengthy ones I've been writing this year. Yes, I've been really enjoying them - but I want to mix things up with some shorter, more picture-heavy ones. So that's what this is - just sharing a few things I've made recently. Because sometimes you want to read all the words - but sometimes, you just want to look at the pictures, right? 

I NEED to make more necklaces over the next couple of weeks/months/years. I'm always behind with this task! Here's one I did manage to make, which I'm pretty pleased with...

Another thing on my to-do list FOREVER has been to reshoot pictures for my 'Home is where the heart is' necklace. A long-standing Songbead classic/favourite, it's fair to say that my previous photos were a little, well, rubbish. Pleased to say that I finally GOT THAT DONE. Tick!

I've become a little obsessed with turning Sally Soul Silver's new puffy triangle beads (swoon!) into bracelets. Here's my latest one. Retitled Nature's Bounty because, well, I just kept imagining this as a well-stocked cupboard and that didn't quite cut it somehow...

I have a long-standing love affair with pearls. Like any relationship, we have hot and cool periods, but we're definitely going through a hot one right now. Just look at the sheen on these....This necklace is one of those carefully curated yet seemingly slightly random ones creations - a bit like messy hair that's actually taken you an hour to perfect before leaving the house, the layout of this rather special necklace took me AGES, until like Goldilocks I felt I had got it just right. 

Looking back through my blog, I came across the posts from when I was visiting Paris a few years ago. My reactions were a) I want to go back to Paris, b) I need to take more photos and instagram them when I'm travelling around, and then blog them and c) I really, really want to go back to Paris. This is one of my favourite moments from that trip.

I met up with a dear friend Anna today, to whom I gifted a pair of my new handwoven glass button studs. Here she is modelling them. Pretty cute, huh? 

This earring design became one of my favourite over the summer - birds, flowers, handwoven glass {song}beads...is it any wonder I love these? I came across these beautiful but stashed away porcelain birdies last week when searching for something else entirely, and I'm glad I did.

On my work table this evening. Handmade lampwork lentil from Helen Chalmers, I used that as my jumping off point and whipped up a bunch of coordinating {song}beads. It's now a bracelet which I'll photograph tomorrow, sunshine permitting. 

Last for now but not least, a new pair of earrings in the shop. I am a little bit in love with this mixed-metal colour mix which I've created for these earrings. Copper + Silver = much gorgeousness. Find them here

Hope you've enjoyed this little photo trip! More posts like these to come, for sure. 


la mar de bonita said...

Still love the way you're putting components together to such charming jewellry. And still love to wear the lovely green bracelet I've got from you :0)

Mary Redman said...

Love the jewelry, pictures, and words! You really have perfected putting colors, textures, and shapes together. Beautiful!


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