Tuesday 11 August 2020

The West End Fair goes virtual

Yep, it's been a while (what's new?!) but I am, as ever, determined to get back into this space and share more here. Now seems as good a time as any, as I can tell you all about this year's West End Fair which, like so many other things, has been detrimentally affected by the dreaded 'Rona. New owners took on 3d2d (the company that run this fantastic event) at the end of last year and I must say, I really feel for them - what a year to start! Nonetheless, they have been absolutely stellar, turning the cancellation around and transforming our physical fair into a virtual one in a matter of weeks. I'm very grateful for all of their extremely hard work!

I've been working hard to get as much new jewellery into my West End Fair marketplace as possible and I wanted to hop in here to share in with you. Here are some of the new and exclusive pieces of jewellery you can find in my fair 'stand'. 

I hope you'll stop by the fair and take a look at all the other incredible artisans exhibiting too. Like so many, designer-makers have been heavily hit by 2020 with shops being closed and now (understandably) quiet, and all of our summer (and beyond) events cancelled. Amazon has turned a gigantic profit during this global crisis - I fully admit I have called on their services for emergency Paw Patrol stickers, window pens and such like during the past few months! But I hope you'll agree that where we can, we need to support small, support local and make sure that we are all still here, able to make and exhibit physically next year - and without customers, that simply isn't possible. Shop if you can, cheer on, like and share if you can't! 


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