Tuesday 4 October 2022

Autumn '22 Necklaces

Here we are in Autumn once again - and it's my 1 year anniversary of moving out of my home studio and into my shared work space! My desk is messier fuller than ever(!) and whilst I do occasionally feel like a bit of a sore thumb, I can usually manage to simply plug my headphones out, tune out everyone else and get in the zone. There's so much that has happened recently that I'd like to document here - primarily a return to craft fairs which has rejuvenated both my confidence and my desire to create - a house move at the beginning of the year - falling in love with dance even though I am filled with far more enthusiasm than ability or natural talent! And a return to silver-smithing (I can't quite believe I used to have a bench in my flat, I feel like a total beginner!) with an amazing teacher Jacqueline Bell. But today has been a long one, and so I am going to content myself with a post full of pictures rather than words. 

Recently, I have found myself creating necklaces - new bracelets and earrings are still very much in the works, but necklaces are appearing at a rate I don't think they ever have before, in over a decade of being in business. I've always found them a little bit more challenging - perhaps because I rarely wear them myself? - but I've been creating necklace after necklace and I am loving the process. Here are my September and October (so far!) necklaces. Which one is your favourite? 

Twilight (sold)

Boo! (sold)



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