Sunday 1 August 2010

Some worrying news

I had some worrying news today. My 19-year old wee sister is away with the National Youth Choir of Scotland touring Germany and this morning was taken into hospital as an emergency patient. The upshot of it has been that this afternoon she has had her tonsils taken out and is staying over night in the Dresden hospital where the procedure was done. She has come through fine but obviously it's really sad for her as the timing is so rubbish and it's been a scary experience for her and my Mum especially, who's flying out there tomorrow. She'll miss out on the rest of the choir tour (finishes on the 4th) and will now not be able to sing at my wedding on the 14th. It's also her birthday on Wednesday and she is having a big 20th/40th/60th birthday ceilidh party on the 7th which I hope she will be well enough to come to as they've been planning it for a year now. I am so sad for her and to be honest, it's been quite a stressful day for me too. It is a little selfish, but I am really gutted she won't be able to sing at our wedding. I am completely not Bridezilla-ey but the one thing I really wanted for the wedding was for my sister to sing a particular Schubert song as it is special to both me and especially my partner, who doesn't know this was the plan. I have been and am so laid back about everything else which happens on the 14th - it's going to be a lovely day and I can't wait to see everyone but I'm no control freak who gets obsessed about napkins etc - in fact, I don't even have a dress yet! So I am really sad that the one thing I have had my heart set on isn't going to be possible and for such a sad reason. I hate it when my family are ill as we are all major worriers - I am looking forward to Trina being back safe and sound in Edinburgh with our Mum. I'm so glad she's come through the surgery well but I do wish she hadn't had to have it is the first place, it is just such bad luck and timing for her.

On a lighter note, here are my earrings from this month's Beads and Beyond! They are part of a necklace/earring set called Meadow Sweet - I love the titles BaB give to their pieces, so much better than anything I come up with. Featuring beautiful lampwork beads by Clare Scott, one of my favourite lampwork artists. What do you think?


Pretty Things said...

I'm actually very proud of myself that I know how to pronounce "ceilidh"!''

Please don't worry -- deep breaths!

Eve Smith said...

Oh nightmare rebecca, i hope your sisters gets better soon, I'm sure your wedding will go well, your never know your sister might be better by then. I have just wrapped up your beads and they will be in the post first thing in the morning,x

Regina said...

Sorry to hear about your sister, what luck to have tonsils while touring with the choir! But on the bright side, she is getting better. Maybe one of her choir mates can sing at your wedding, wouldn't be the same, but the next best thing, maybe? I think you better get working on a dress. Best wishes and congratulations.

Courtney Breul said...

I am sorry to hear about your sister and hope she has a speedy recovery! Good luck with your wedding.

Unknown said...

Have a Lovely Wedding!! I hope
your sister will be feeling alot better!

Emerald Window said...

Congratulations on your wedding plans. Don't fret, perhaps your sister will be able to sing by then. If not, play a recording of it and be happy that she is there to hear it, if not sing it.

Cindy said...

Rebecca, I am so sorry to hear about all of this...such poor timing for everything. And I can imagine how disappointed your sister feels with this happening during her tour, her birthday, and your upcoming wedding! So sorry to hear it but I hope she is back home safely soon and has a speedy recovery.
Your new BaB earrings are just gorgeous! I love the colors you used!

Jane Lock said...

There's never a good time to get sick, but it's scary for everyone if you're far from home. Here's hoping for a swift recovery for your sister and fun times for all of you during all the celebrations! Tell your sis to eat lots of ice cream x

LUCY said...

Maravilloso, me encanta!!!

Nicki said...

Hi Rebecca, I am so sorry for you. I think the idea that one of her choir-mates can sing is a good one. Maybe your sister can stand right next to her, so she will be a part of this surprise. The earrings are lovely, and yes, I also think you should start looking for a dress. More important - do you know what jewelry you are going to wear? Something that matches the pretty flowers you made for the bridesmaids?
Don't worry for your sister, I am sure she is well taken care of, although I know how scary it is to get sick in another country (it already is in your own country). She'll be ok. And soon you will all be together again.

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear the news about your sister, but there is always a bright side to everything as the other lady commented about. Why don't you have one of the other choir members sing in your sisters place. Yes, yes it won't be the same but you would still have your song and your sisters health ! Everything happens for a reason, be one with the universe ! don't fight it go along with it and count your blessings all will be well! Much love to you and your's,
Debra in California


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